July 4th on the North Fork

Some folks consider Memorial Day as their start to the summer, but I don’t get that same feeling until 4th of July, because we always spend that week out at the beach. Planning for this year was a little bumpy, because of everything leading up to the 4th. We dropped Ryder at camp the week prior, and we didn’t want to venture far, in case any emergencies popped up while he was away.

Normally traveling as a family of five, I knew this was going to be a different type of trip for us. Without Ryder, it definitely felt as if we were missing something half the time. That said, I can’t lie, it was nice to spend time with just the girls, uninterrupted. We had very few whining or complaining, allowing us to enjoy the laid back vibe of Greenport.

If you’ve ever been to the North Fork before, you know that its flush with small farms and animals, an abundance of vineyards, local breweries, and plenty of fun seafood restaurants! At the start of most summers, berry picking is always high on our list, so stumbling upon Patty’s Berries and Bunches was quite a nice surprise. We were a couple of weeks early for blueberries, but we picked crate loads of raspberries!

Be it the Hamptons or the North Fork, it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of eastern Long Island. I immediately slip into relaxation mode, enjoying every second of the salt sea air and beach life! I know I may sound like a broken record, but for years we’ve been trying to find a place out east. Years because our search has been pretty specific, limited to the South Fork, but I have to say, we enjoyed our time out here so much, that we may be expanding our search.

We stayed right on the Long Island Sound. There are no waves, but the beach is a little on the rockier side making it tougher for the girls to swim, but ideal for catching sea creatures in the calm shallow waters.

While browsing the many shops in Southold, we spotted this unicorn float. I would be lying if I said it was the girls idea. I totally had to have it. I figured we can use it in the bay, and then find a new home for it in my parents’ pool. I should go on record stating that Jason and I blew her up ourselves, with no air pumps or compressors. Yep! And the girls named her “Uni.”

The vibe out here is definitely chill. The scenery is beyond stunning, with little gems and artifacts along the way. Check out this old rusted truck with the American Flag that we stumbled upon driving down the the main road! What a find for our annual 4th of July photo!

We made zero plans, so each day was an adventure. Needless to say, we spend many of our days at the beach and the pool. On one afternoon, we visited friends on their house boat in a nearby marina. Seafood was on the menu every day, Jason and I took started a running list of the best clam chowders and lobster rolls in the area. Even the girls enjoyed them! And to our surprise, a carnival came to town, starting on the 4th, which was a perfect to way to spend the evening, because fireworks filled the sky as the girls got their fill of rides and cotton candy!

Sunsets are always the best here! I seriously live for them.

And for the first time, we got a little crazy, picking up some sparklers! I thought they were illegal, but we found them at another little shop in town. Boy, were they a hit!

I’m in the process of editing a video out time out east, so stay tuned later this week!


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