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Kids Style File: Milan and Oz

When it comes to shopping for my children, I rely heavily on the internet. With three kids, I  think I will spare you the details of shopping with the entire clan, and I’m sure you just imagine that our weekly trip to Whole Foods is just about enough to drive you batty. In my “online travels,” I recently discovered Milan and Oz, an online fashion boutique for children and it is so up my ally! When I find a site that caters to each one of my children, and offers accessories, including shoes, it’s a total score. I am also a huge fan of the brands they carry like Rowdy Sprout, Mini Shatsu, and Nui.



Milan and Oz was created by mom of 5, Christina Shiachi. Christina always enjoyed styling her girls, but as her family expanded, she needed help. Recently welcoming twin boys named Milan and Oz, her brood blossomed from a family with 3 kids to 5. All of a sudden, she barley had time to style herself, let alone 5 kids!! For help, Christina reached out to longtime friend Litel Simel, an adult fashion designer and stylist in Los Angeles, to get help with dressing her kids, while staying true to their favorite clothing trends.

Naturally, she realized not all moms are lucky enough to have a stylist at their disposal, but Christina wanted to find a way to give every mom the option to obtain kids clothing styled by a pro. As a result, she teamed up with Lital to search for amazing styles from all over the globe, and bring them together in a one place.


Tutu & Leotard 



Siella’s Purse 

Milan and Oz was created as an online boutique that helps parents style their children, ages newborn to 6. The site is ideal for those busy moms who don’t have time to hunt for fashion trends all over the world.



 Ryder’s Outfit 

I think it’s safe to say that Ryder and Siella completely have their own sense of style. Ryder is the rocker type with skinny jeans, tees, and sneakers. Siella is all about the girly girl gear, like dresses, skirts, and especially in pink! And Gemma, has been reaping the benefits of Siella’s wardrobe. They always have an opinion, and sometimes they will refuse what I buy for them, but that is something that I love and admire about them. I’ll always want them to lead the way.


Ryder’s Tee 



Ryder and Siella’s Tops


Be sure to follow Milan and Oz on Instagram for your daily dose of fashion style, and with the holidays just around the corner, be sure to check out their beautiful selections that are absolute show stoppers!

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