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Inspirational Female Owned Brands to Shop From

We are here to celebrate women entrepreneurs and our favorite brands! March is Women’s History Month, so let me start by saying Happy Women’s Month to all of you female-identifying ladies! We deserve to be celebrated for all of our hard work and today is a day to acknowledge all of our accomplishments. I’ve been taking note of all of my top female-founded brands I love to shop from, beyond International Women’s Day. Let’s celebrate today, this month and every single day here on out in the best way we know how: by supporting other women! Here are women-owned beauty products, wellness and fashion brands you should know! Strong women entrepreneurs are beginning to run this world and it’s amazing to see. Social media has such an impact on small businesses and I’d love to share some of my favorite items with all of you. Whether it’s a lifestyle brand, natural products made with eco-friendly materials, skin care, jewelry brand or accessory line, I’ve found a wide range of women-owned businesses! These are a few woman-owned brands with quality products I love to online shop!

female brands to shop

Dagne Dover

Fun fact: I don’t believe it’s possible to own too many bags! Dagne Dover has the best bags around beyond all of their best-selling products. From diaper bags to work bags, travel accessories and more, there is no better place to shop from. What I love most is that they are made of that very comfortable neoprene material and so easy to wash. Their best sellers have tons of pockets, too so the storage is out of this world. Created by dynamic trio Deepa Gandhi, Jessy Dover and Melissa Mash, they have nailed the best product range for bags.

Aviator Nation

If you see my girls and I sporting sweats, there’s a very large chance they are Aviator Nation! Not only are they some of the most comfortable clothes on the planet, but they make such fun colors and prints. Paige Mycoskie is the important female behind the brand and one of the best business leaders. These are our go-to travel apparel and if you need comfy clothes, you’ve come to the right place. They are worth every penny!

Uwila Warrior

We all need underwear. A female-owned business obviously does it best because women founders understand their own brands. Women making their own underwear lines is a place I want to shop from because that tells me it’s created by someone who is a woman herself and knows what it takes to make comfortable, yet stylish panties. Created by Lisa Mullan, this is a brand to keep an eye on!

Sticky Be Socks

I love when strong women own businesses for products on the market that need to be fixed. Undergarments and shoe accessories are areas that need improvement and this sock brand is created by insights of incredible female founders. I do a lot of workouts, specifically yoga and pilates and so these socks make it so that I don’t slip at all during my workouts! I know it seems minimal, but it makes the world of a difference and has helped me stay in line during exercise now that I’m not sliding all over! Nancy Giftos founded this iconic brand!

female brands to shop

Phat Buddha

Phat Buddha is a female-founded activewear line that focuses on seamless pieces. Every item is made for your body and the way it moves. They are very fashion-forward, so you could wear their clothes from yoga to brunch and so on, you don’t need to run home and change because you can wear them as everyday pieces, rather than just at the gym. They are even safe in an outdoor workout setting because they are UPF protected! All of the pieces I have from them are so comfortable and make me feel confident while wearing them.


If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of this woman-owned company! When it comes to the fashion industry, I really like the vintage floral pieces. Anything pink is for me and this brand is all bright colors, pink and floral! They began in New York and are now all over, which has been amazing to watch them grow so much. I’d have to say this one is at the top of my list of favorite women-owned brands! There are so many different ways to style the pieces, which I think makes them even more fun to wear.


As you know, I recently did the 30 day challenge with DanceBody and it was life changing! They use dance moves to help tone and slim your body. I mean, what could be more fun?! While you can totally join in person classes, you have the option of On Demand. Read here for my entire experience!

Indie Lee

I love clean skincare! This female-founded brand is one of the very best! They are also in Sephora and Ulta, so you can get them anywhere these days. One of my favorite products is their brightening cleanser and they have a best-selling section on the site, so you can see which products are most popular. And for good reason, because they all work really well!

female brands to shop


These energy drinks are changing the game! They have great ingredients with no sugar, including biotin, L-Theanine, B6, B12 and more! Not to mention the fact that they are so aesthetic and cute. What began as a fitness drink is now an everyday staple for so many people. We want to feel good and these drinks can help with that!

Transparent Sunglasses

Let’s chat sunnies! I’m obsessed with these! Not only are there so many different shapes and styles, but they even have men’s options. Which is great because I struggle to find a great pair for both Jason and I. And now I can’t shop anywhere else!

Sue Sartor

What is better than hand-made pieces? Sue really has some clothing that is like a work of art! Everything is so stunning and comfortable at the same time. I love shopping here for vacations because the clothes are so pretty I want to wear them for special occasions!

Millstone Flowers

These are my go-to flowers! This female-owned company has the most amazing floral arrangements. I trust them to decorate my entire house with flowers any time! If you have a special event or just need some spring flowers, call them!


Where do I begin with Cleobella.. everything they create is absolutely stunning! Their core values are in sustainability and ethical practices, so I feel really good about supporting their brand! Everything they make is hand-made! They do this while maintaining traditional heritage techniques, which is the coolest thing ever. The founders love to travel and take inspiration in different cultures around the globe. You can find virtually anything there-dresses, tops, accessories and even beautiful clothes for your kids!

Lele Sadoughi

It’s no secret that this is my absolute favorite headband brand. My daughters take them from me to accessorize their outfits on a daily basis! I don’t mind sharing, though! Lele started out in design and actually launched the first ever jewelry collection for J. Crew. From there, she was the Design Director at Tory Burch before moving on to start her own company in 2012. With the dream beginning in jewelry design, she has expanded into all kinds of accessories, and is most known for her perfect knotted headbands, that I can totally tell you are worth the hype! There’s even a line for kids. You can find some absolutely breathtaking pieces on her site, and find some great gifts for the women in your life!

female brands to shop

Summer Fridays

Let’s talk skincare! Summer Fridays was created by Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Ireland, when Lauren was pregnant and searching for safe skincare to use. Clean ingredients and immediate satisfaction are important to them and honestly, they nailed it! Their Jet-Lag Mask is a staple in my skincare routine. With teens that are getting into skincare, I feel really safe being able to give my daughters their products to start using because they are totally clean and safe to use. Not to mention the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing and can totally be put on display in your bathroom and look good!


CBD is wildly popular these days and for very good reason. It has so many benefits, such as focus, energy, skin health, sleep, balance and so much more. It was founded by Marcy Capron-Vermillion and Coco Meers, who have both had their lives forever changed by CBD. March was able to gain control over her mental health and Coco has pain relief from an autoimmune spine condition. The women joined forces to help others, especially women and our ever-changing bodies and minds. Their site offers free dosage support to help you figure out your needs and they also have joined forces with Black Girl Ventures to support Black and Brown female founders with the tools they need to sustain their businesses. An absolutely outstanding mission and company to support.


Furthermore, taking care of your hair is incredibly important. Briogeo is a great brand I recently discovered that was founded by Nancy Twine, a female woman of color who experienced hair loss after mourning the loss of her mother. She wanted to change the world fill it with support and passion– and she is doing just that! She is embracing how different everyone’s hair is and her products each have different goals depending on the hair type. There are also scalp treatments, which people don’t realize are just as important as hair masks. Everything is clean and I feel so good about using these products for myself and my family! You can take the hair quiz on the site to determine which products work best for you!

female brands to shop


Furthermore, Razors are such a personal thing. I mean figuratively and literally. Every body is different and our skins all need different attention. Oui is a really cool company that is changing the way we view personal care. It was founded by a woman named Karen, whose mother banned beauty magazines in their home for the unrealistic standards. When it comes to personal care and shaving, there are a ton of unrealistic standards out there. Every body is different and some need a little more care than others and that is okay! Their slogan is Oui The People, their products are made for the people! They sell different razors for sensitive skin, as well as other items like shave gel, body serum, hydrating bikini line sheets and so much more. It’s a fantastic company that I can get behind 10000%!


Bala was started by Natalie and her husband when they couldn’t find any products where form and function lined up. They believe fashion and fitness can go well together and they are not wrong! They sell weighted bangles, rings, bars, beams and so much more in a wide variety of colors and shapes to fit your style. The Bala Bangles are perfect for wrists or ankles and can be worn in daily settings to get a little exercise in for you! They come in different weights and you can choose the best for yourself!


Henning is a plus-size fashion brand founded in NYC by Lauren Chan, who was a fashion editor having a difficult time finding luxurious clothes in her size. This is a topic that I don’t think gets the attention it deserves and it’s important that we pay attention to everyone’s needs. All bodies are different and that’s what makes them all unique and beautiful. She sells fantastic pieces that are professional, luxurious and all around great closet staples. Check out her gorgeous pieces, they are all must-needs!

Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin is a hosiery and undergarment line dedicated to finding the best tone for your specific skin tone. It was founded by Ade Hassan in 2013, for the sole purpose of skin tone representation, something the world lacks. I think this business is fantastic and much needed! The shade range is perfection and the pieces are incredibly comfortable. They even make a line for men, who I never hear about skin tone representation with so snaps to Nubian Skin! They are making such a positive impact on the world. Take a look and add these to your closet!

Fancy Peasant

I’ve been sharing with my readers and followers for some time now how much I truly love the olive oil from Fancy Peasant. Founded by Anastasia Ganias-Gellin, a first generation Greek-American, was inspired to share her families traditional dishes with a modern twist. From her delicious recipes to her Greek extra virgin olive oil, I really encourage you all to check out her website and support this amazing mom of three!

Jennifer Fisher 

Jennifer Fisher is a successful jewelry maker with gorgeous pieces for all personalities, but when her love for food and cooking inspired her to branch out of her element, she said why not! Her brand now offers an array of delicious salts that I use every day in my recipes. I have gifted a lot of my friends her salt trio and they love it. It really makes for a great gift!


For more shopping guides, visit here!

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female brands to shop
female brands to shop

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