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12 Perfect Dresses for Easter

Now that we’ve gotten Easter baskets taken care of, we’re onto the fashion portion and that’s Easter outfits! More specifically, beautiful Easter dresses for the special occasion. Easter Sunday is a few weeks away and with that often times comes family photos and an Easter brunch with the entire family. We love to dress up in my house and Easter morning is the perfect excuse to try on new dresses!

Even more than that, my daughters love a good spring dress and they are now at that big kid age where they want to pick out the perfect look themselves. I love watching their styles develop and seeing how they choose to express themselves with their fashion. I’ve found the most adorable dresses for the Easter holiday! Whether you’re looking for floral dresses, picky on the sleeve length or want a midi dress, this collection of Easter dresses are the perfect option for different ways to dress up for all of your Easter celebrations!

kids easter dresses


Firstly, spring is all about pastel colors while I think summer is strictly bright colors. Although spring dresses are more than acceptable to wear in the summer! Specifically, I love finding dresses in pastel colors in a variety of styles. I think they are so feminine and pretty while being pretty versatile. For example, just throw on a jean jacket if you’re a little cold and you’re good to go! Henceforth, if you have church service in the morning as Easter traditions, these dresses will also work for formal occasions. The best thing is that pastels work for more than just Easter plans, but summer weddings too. Beautiful spring dresses are on my mind and thinking about some upcoming trips and family photoshoots, I know it’s ideal to get the best Easter dresses to wear for these occasions as well. One thing about us is that we will get use out of our pastels and soft color palette pieces.

kids easter dresses


Secondly, our kids grow faster than we like to admit. It’s sad but true. I buy a dress and then two months later they’re too tall for it! If you’re worried about spending a pretty penny on the perfect outfit, then I suggest setting a budget and sticking with it! They grow so quickly and we want them to have items that are great quality, but will work for the occasion. Furthermore, if it’s something you think they might get only a few wears out of, then definitely don’t go for anything pricey! For example, if you’re taking family photos and want a more special look, that’s also a fair point to go for a higher budget. Dresses can be saved and passed down to other family members!

kids easter dresses

What I love about online shopping is the exclusive offers and options for affordable Easter dresses. Not only do they grow quickly, but they also spill on everything and as much as I’d love to get all harsh stains out of floral prints and pastels, they don’t always come out clean even with my best stain remover. A cute Easter outfit with the right amount of springtime whimsy doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ll be sharing all price points and you can narrow down your favorites from there!

kids easter dresses

​Coordinating Looks

Finally, speaking of family photos, one thing to think about is matching family looks. Finding the perfect choice for an Easter dress is not an easy task. But getting to match everyone or a mommy and me look is something that takes a lot of coordinating. For instance, you could go by pattern. It will have to be a pattern that is easy to find for the other family members that will match. But on the other hand, going with a color scheme for the whole family would work well! Pastels, whites and neutrals seem to be fairly simple to coordinate. Ruffle details, beautiful prints and a lightweight fabric are the recipe for the perfect Easter outfit ideas that work for more than holidays and family gatherings.

easter dresses

Pink Toile Dress // Tulip Dress // Pink Otillie Dress // Cream Floral Dress // Gingham Dress // Tropical Floral Dress // Ruffle Dress // Floral Puff Sleeve Dress // Nap Dress // Long Sleeve Dress // Pink Smocked Dress // Yellow Dress


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kids easter dresses

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kids easter dresses
kids easter dresses

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  1. Your excitement for Easter outfits and family traditions shines through your post! Pastel colors are indeed perfect for the season, and it’s great to hear you’ve found versatile options. Your budgeting advice for kids’ clothes is practical, and online shopping offers great deals. Coordinating family looks for Easter photos sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing your Easter dress journey, and here’s to a joy-filled Easter with your loved ones! 🐰

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