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High Summer Swimsuits

Swimwear for girls and women is always high on my list of items to buy when the warm months come. The girls pretty much turn into mermaids come summertime. Siella and Gemma have a strong sense of fashion, just like their mama, and want to be sassy and stylish even when we’re splashing around in the water.

This summer we are loving Saint Maddox. This company makes some of the most stylish swimwear for girls I’ve ever seen. You’ll find elegant swimwear that focuses as much on style as it does on fun.

Saint Maddox was founded by Jessica Roberson. Her background is in premium swimwear designer, product development, and merchandising, and it absolutely shows. These are not your mother’s swimsuits! Designed in Southern California, Saint Maddox focuses on bringing fashion to summertime fun by using high-quality fabrics and sewing techniques that make for the perfect fit, these suits combine form and function into pieces that are perfect for the watery runway.

You’ll find styles ranging from bikinis and one-pieces to sleeved designs with super cute cut-out shoulders, all in beautiful colors, prints, and fabrics that leave both mommy and daughters ready for fun in the sun and water and looking like at least a million bucks.

Styles include classic florals for that traditional chic look, solids in pastel colors like lavender and rose, bold, colorful stripes, and so much more. In addition to bright colors, Saint Maddox’s swimwear for girls and women also features more muted colors like ocean blue. You’ll also find bold, black suits sporting beautiful floral prints that pop with whites, pinks, and reds. And of course, we can’t forget super cute accents of ruffles on some pieces made for the littlest girls in the family. And moms, even more swimsuits are coming for you, too!

Saint Maddox is the place to find super stylish, beautiful swimwear for girls and women this and every season. Their gorgeous selections come in sizes 1T through 11/12 for girls and XS to L for women. My girls and I are in love with this line, and I think you will be, too. Head over to Saint Maddox and check out their swimwear for girls and women today.

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