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High Style and a Lot of Fun – Catimini Paris

High style and whimsy collide in the best possible explosion of childhood fashion fun you’ll ever find with Catimini Paris. This is one of the best children’s clothing companies any parent will ever find in my opinion. I say it all the time: I want my kids to love style. I want them to express themselves with color and style and fabric and accessories. I want their appearance to be an outward manifestation of their inner creative beauty.
With Catimini Paris, the kids can do just that. The styles they offer are high style but still full of the carefree spirit of youth. It’s a magical combination.
Two girls modeling Catimini Paris clothing

Catimini Children’s Clothing

You won’t find just florals here, although you will find some. It’s also not all solids or stripes, although they make an appearance as well. Rather the company almost makes a point of bringing the word eclectic to its most literal meaning. Prints and solids stand side by side with checks and word patches. Bold primary colors are present, of course, but you’ll also find lovely pastels and even polka dots. No matter what piece you see, you’ll feel the quirkiness of the company rolling out of your computer screen.

Girl in Catimini Paris skirt and cardigan

Their Catimini baby offerings feature bold colors along with stripes, adorable prints, and more. In this collections fruits with faces can be found on dresses, little rompers feature stylized flowers and butterflies, and even the microfleece blankets and cuddle toys sports prints.

Girls in bright and fun Catimini Paris outfits

The high style continues for their boy’s collection and great for Ryder! Percale shirts featuring tropical leaf prints sit alongside yellow pique knit polo shirts, jungle print Bermuda shorts, white poplin shirts, super cute hoodies, joggers, and more.

Adorable Catimini Paris jumpsuit for girls

Siella and Gemma love the cute designs from Catimini, as well. A striped knit and yellow poplin dress brings the feel of spring, while a pleated skirt with multicolored stripes feels like wearing a rainbow. Adorable jumpsuits with ruffles like Gemma is wearing, a floral print on yellow viscose dress, a striped loose-fit sweatshirt with a yellow bow, and a classic cardigan with patterned buttons are just some examples of the chic, yet quirky style from this company that any girl would love.

Catimini Paris high style for kids

From prints and stripes to bold colors, jeans with studs, cuddly toys, and more adorable offerings than you can shake a Parisian stick at, Catimini Paris, perfectly melds high style with a childhood sensibility not often found these days. Now we just need a trip back to Paris to show off my little fashionistas.


High style and childhood whimsy and imagination collide in the most adorable children's clothing line by Catimini Paris.

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  1. These are really cute outfits. I’m going to check out the blankets you mentioned. We just had a little one arrive and another is on the way soon. I wouldn’t mind a trip back to Paris either. 🙂

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