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Heirloom Creations from Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts

Custom kids clothes are a great way to make a fashion statement for your children. You get exactly what you want – clothing for your kids that are stylish and adorable. The only thing better than custom kids clothes is kids clothes that are custom-made with heart. That’s what Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts are all about. They take Dad’s dress shirts and turn them into custom-made clothing for girls and boys, making for clothing items that are adorable and have a very special meaning behind them.

It’s such a wonderful concept. The company actually takes dress shirts which are provided by Dad and turns them into dresses, rompers, and even onesies and the like for both boys and girls. These clothing articles are precious in every way. They are super adorable, and literally wearing the shirt off of Daddy’s back makes them instant keepsakes.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a concept like this, and it immediately touched me. In fact, after I found out about the custom kids clothes from Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts, I immediately had two of my husband’s shirts turned into dresses for Siella and Gemma.

From dresses and rompers to newborn items and even accessories, you can have all kinds of things made out of Dad’s shirts with Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts. Their styles are classic and full of whimsy, which pairs perfectly with the age range of clothing options offered. Overall, it’s a wonderfully cute way to dress the kids in heirloom pieces that have serious meaning and love built right in.

I’m thoroughly pleased with the dresses that I had made for my girls, and I would recommend that any parent give Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts a try. They truly make the ultimate gift for Dads too! 

photography by Lauren Kara

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8 thoughts on “Heirloom Creations from Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts”

  1. This might be the best company I’ve ever seen for children’s clothing. I LOVE the idea that Daddy’s shirt can be turned into clothing for the kids.

  2. This is pure genius! I honestly can’t think of a better idea for children’s clothing. That’s something that you’ll keep forever, provided it outlasts what the kids might do to it. LOL

  3. As a dad, I really love this idea. That’s the kind of physical connection that we dads aren’t generally afforded when it comes to clothing. It’s really awesome.

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