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Sunday Swoon: Healthy Starts

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One of my favorite things to do as a mother is cook for my children.I have made it a point to carve out enough time during the week to cook dinner, not only because I really enjoy doing cooking, but it’s important tome that my kids eat a healthy, balanced diet. Each night, I try to include them in the process, so they understand what ingredients they are eating. I am proud to say all three have a pretty broad palette, and they will eat or try almost anything. I truly believe that if I make them part of the process- grocery shopping, cooking, and eating together as a family, that they will develop healthy eating habits.


Super Sprowtz is a New York City based multimedia program using a 360 degree approach to solve the nation’s childhood obesity problem. Through web content, live tours, educational kits and more, Veggie Superheroes Colby Carrot, Brian Broccoli, and the rest of the Super Sprowtz gang are changing the narrative of healthy eating for kids.

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They just announced the launch of a weekly cooking show Super Sprowtz: RAW, a program that will change children’s perception of healthy eating. The show will premiere on YouTube, and feature celebrity guests Shaquille O’Neal, celebrity chef Sam Talbot, and White House Chef Sam Kass. Century 21 Department Store is sponsoring the launch of the new YouTube web series!


Super Sprowtz has launched a number of initiatives encouraging kids to live healthier lives. Last year, the interactive Super Sprowtz Live! tour hit the road, delivering fun and educational programs to kids in 26 US cities. Super Sprowtz developed “Superhero Salad Bars” which were approved by the NYC DOE for installation in all 1,300 NYC elementary schools, where they will reach over a million children.

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As a part of the launch of Super Sprowtz: RAW, we are giving one lucky winner the chance to win a walk on role for you and one of your super hero kids! Here is what your amazing afternoon will look like:

Meet the cast! Come on down to the Super Sprowtz headquarters in Brooklyn, NY where you’ll be greeted by the full cast and maybe even a surprise guest!

Get ready for your close-up! You’ll be treated like a star as we get you into hair and makeup and ready for your cooking close up! And of course, we’ll have a mask and cape ready for your Super Hero Kiddo!

Hit the kitchen! Become our sous chef with our show host, Roger, and celebrity chef. Past chefs have included White House chef, Sam Kass, Bravo celebrity chef, Sam Talbot and Daily Show correspondent, Wyatt Cenac.

That’s a wrap! Close the day with the final meal – diving in to what you’ve cooked! We’ll set up a photo shoot in our kitchen and with one last squeeze from our Super Sprowtz family and you’ll have a day to remember!

How to enter:

1. Let’s see your kids’ best super hero pose while holding their favorite vegetable! Upload the photo to Instagram and/or Twitter.

2. Tag @SuperSprowtz and @Century21Stores and use hashtag #SuperSprowtzKid


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