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Family Budgeting

Jason and I decided to start off the New Year right, with planning a monthly budget. We sat down and calculated our weekly expenses, and looked at areas where we could curb some of our  spending. I may have a teeny tiny obsession with buying the kids’ clothes, and I promised I would control my shopping sprees. Our plan is still a work in progress, and I’d expect that the occasional month may run over, but we now have a clearer picture of what we layout.

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I was a bit shocked to see we spend the most of our budget on food. We shop primarily at Whole Foods, and I am very adamant about buying organic and farm fresh foods. Spending money on things that are healthy for my family is something I don’t think twice about, so that will always be a constant in our monthly spending.

As part of the Tobacco-Free Kids Campaign, I am proud to say that I have taken action, on my family’s behalf, to only shop Tobacco-Free retailers, including Whole Foods, Target, CVS, and Trader Joes, and I encourage you to join me. Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States, taking an enormous toll in lives, as well as health and medical costs.


Responsible retailers should not be in the business of selling tobacco products which cause so much death and disease, and addict so many children. Retailers can help save lives and create a tobacco-free generation by choosing not to sell tobacco products. A startling 5.6 million kids alive today will die prematurely from smoking unless we take action now to prevent it. I was blown away reading the statics on how many families burden the huge health risks as well as financial toll on tobacco because of a parent that smokes.

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I would love for you to join the movement, and in addition, start to Shop Tobacco Free for your family! To find retailers near you and how you can tell stores to go tobacco free, click here.


Thank you to The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids for sponsoring this post. 

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2 thoughts on “Family Budgeting”

  1. We love to shop at Trader Joe’s — I feel that I get a bargain with the organic produce there. Good to know that it’s Tobacco Free. I’ll check out the list of stores to see where else near me that is on it.

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