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Harlem’s Fashion Row

Harlem’s Fashion Row is committed to bringing more diversity to the fashion community by showcasing rising multicultural designers. The commitment fit perfectly with Janie and Jack and their philosophy of embracing every family with their brand, no matter their race, religion, or creed, and helping teach kids about love, kindness, unity, and anti-racism through their platform. As part of this ongoing mission to lift up creative people of color, Janie and Jack have donated $25,000 to Harlem’s Fashion Row’s nonprofit, ICON360 to help further the causes of love in the world and diversity in the fashion industry.

This collaboration between Janie and Jack and Harlem’s Fashion Row brings looks that are decidedly high-style while still embracing the whimsy of childhood in capsule collections designed by three designers, a few of whom are making their first forays into children’s fashion.

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Kristian Loren is a Philadelphia-born designer who creates whimsical clothing for children by marrying the classic silhouette look with elaborate fabrics, bring the modern and vintage together in a way that speaks to the times and calls back to old school designs.

Kimberly Goldson, an alum of Project Runway, brings her unique bold style to children’s clothing with bold looks that combine upscale fashion looks with the joy and feel of childhood, creating pieces like a tailored suit boasting a bright and punchy floral print.

Finally, Richfresh, a bespoke tailor to the stars, brings classic, elegant looks to the world of children’s fashion with pieces like a three-piece suit in a classic cut and color with added pops of yellow and red for a look that could be best described as children’s tailored chic.

All three of these amazing designers brought their unique styles to the children’s fashion table at Janie and Jack while retaining the brand’s classic aesthetic. This collaborative collection boasts myriad styles, colors, and vibes from power suites with floral prints to three-piece jogger suits and tiered ruffle pants. To complete the looks, you’ll find accessories like belt-bags, shoes, and more to guild the lily on your child’s looks.

Janie and Jack are leaders in the children’s fashion industry, and through their partnership with Harlem’s Fashion Row, they’re helping introduce some of the best and brightest designers to this industry, helping to bring a fresh take on classic looks, increase diversity, and add some serious flair to children’s fashion. The collection is priced from $19 to $139 and will be available now online and in select Janie and Jack stores nationwide.

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  1. These are some stunning collections and look great on your kids. I am glad that Janie and Jack has collaborated with Harlem’s Fashion Row so they can bring these great designs further into the world.

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