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How to Combat Frizz this Summer

Frizzy hair in the summer is inevitable. The humid weather takes over and it seems as though this is the most difficult summer in awhile when it comes to taking control of frizz. Summer heat can be a tough battle, but luckily, a ton of anti-frizz products have hit the market this summer and I’ve tried out quite a few! I can confidently say, I have found some of the very best products to combat unwanted frizz.


Let’s start with the biggest question: why does our hair frizz? It’s actually due to a lack of moisture. What happens, is our hair seeks the moisture from the humid air in an attempt fix our dry hair. I know that can seem a bit bizarre, but adding moisture back into our hair with products can be extremely helpful. Hair products like a moisturizing shampoo, a hydrating shampoo, a hydrating conditioner and heat protectant when using hot tools are both a great start!

Hair Type

Figuring out your hair type is half the battle. Do you have curly hair? Then more than likely, you will need to add more moisture back into it, because curly hair tends to dry out quicker than straight or wavy hair. Another thing to pay attention to is the porosity of your hair cuticle. One easy way to test this is to take some strands from your hair brush and drop them into a glass of water. If they float, you have low porosity, and if they sink you have high porosity. And of course, if it’s in the middle, it’s medium. It’s all about how much water your hair is capable of holding onto. You’ll want to shop for products based on your hair type and porosity to ensure you’re getting the amount of moisture and benefits possible.

For curly hair:

Amika Velveteen Dream Anti-Frizz Line

Briogeo Curl Charisma Line

For straight/wavy hair:

R+Co Atlantis

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!

For low porosity hair:

Ouai Detox Shampoo

Oribe Intense Conditioner

For high porosity hair:

Oribe Gold Lust

Malin + Goetz Gentle Hydrating Shampoo


Hair masks are life savers. You should be doing one weekly, at least! Especially in the hot summer months, when we’re out under the sun so much, it can be extremely drying and make you more prone to frizz. Hair masks aren’t always an immediate fix, so much as they are a preventative measure. For example, we moisturize our faces and use products to avoid aging skin, why wouldn’t we do something similar with our hair?

Here are some of my favorite masks:

Amika Soulfood

Native Mask


Bread Deep Conditioner

Crown Affair Renewal Mask

Ouai Leave In Conditioner


Both oil treatments and adding oil into our clean, wet hair can do wonders! They are one of the purest, most nourishing things you can do for your hair. What I like to do is a homemade oil treatment about once a month, which is just warm olive oil the night before I wash my hair and then I wash it out the next morning. Another option is to keep it soaked in your hair for a whole day and sport a slicked back, low bun. Every time I wash my hair, I add a little oil to my clean hair and it also can double as a heat protection, sometimes. Healthy hair is a great goal to have!

Here are some of my go-to hair oils:

Holy Grail Amazon Hair Oil (do not ingest, disperse onto hair)

Ouai Hair Oil

COLOR WOW Frizz Control Gloss

Ghost Weightless Hair Oil

Must-Have Products

There are so many different products available to aid in fighting frizz! The market almost has too many, but luckily, I’ve weeded out the bad and have a great list of anti-humidity products you need in your cabinet! A combination of a great leave in conditioner and a specific product that tackles summertime frizz is the dynamic duo. Smoothing products to tame pesky flyaways are an added bonus!

My must-have summer anti-humidity products:

Amika The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray

COLOR WOW Dream Coat

Living Proof De-Frizzer

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