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Goodness On The Go

The minute I became a mom, I made a conscious decision that I would do my best to teach my children to eat healthy. Baby food was made from scratch, with only the freshest and most organic products. Now that they are older, I still continue their healthy eating routines, and as a result, they have become pretty good eaters, always open to try new foods, and eat whatever I prepare.

In my years as a mom, a brand that I’ve watch evolve is GoGo squeeZ. Starting out with just one flavor, their pure apple sauce, it has now expanded with more flavors, even adding veggies to the mix. Each one of my children love the product so much, that it’s become part of their daily snack when packing lunches, and I seriously can’t keep it stocked in our house, with least three packs consumed daily. They are everyone’s go-to snack, and each child has their own apple sauce flavor favorite. As a mom, I love them because they are easy to throw in your bag when on the run. There’s no mess, and I have to admit that I tend to snack on one myself after a long day in the playground. 
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GoGo squeeZ is passionate about kids play, and this summer they are bringing the Goodness on the Go program to cities near you. Participants can the see the Goodness Machine, specially designed by a NASA engineer, shoot GoGo squeeZ pouches from the top of the machine, by the press of a button. The pouch then floats down on a parachute, into the hands of the waiting recipient. The kids and I took part at the event in Madison Park NYC, and they were blown away by their special delivery.


Slurping down plenty of pouches, Ryder and Siella even recruited other playground goers to get their own treats. GoGo squeeZ helps fuel summer fun, and kids in the park will for sure remember this innovative machine, with its fruity reward.

IMG_1390 IMG_1379

The Goodness Machine is making it’s way to The Mall of America on Aug. 1st, and The Grove in Los Angles on August 6. Be sure to stop by if you’re in town!

Thank you GoGo squeeZ for sponsoring this post. 

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