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Cultivated Passages

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For the next two weeks, Ryder and Siella are in camp for full days. It’s only been three days, but they are loving every minute of their days. While I do miss them, Gemma and I have been hitting up the playgrounds and running errands per our usual schedule, less the bigs. While we were out and about yesterday, I realized that this will be our norm in the upcoming school year, with two children in school full time. It’s funny, but they actually seemed to mature during these few days, exuding a sense of independence, stashing their belongings in their own lockers, and choosing what they want for lunch. This new found maturity is bittersweet, as its another step towards my babies growing up, and I can only image what the next week and a half will bring.

While Ryder was getting dressed the other day, he referred to a shirt as “babyish.” Coming from him, that was a first, because he’s usually the laid back when it comes to clothes. Eager to find something for him to wear to camp, I searched the internet, and found J.McLaughlin had recently introduced a children’s line that boasts a bit of a mini me style, taken from their mens and women’s collections.

J. McLaughlin Children's Clothes

The brand, founded over thirty years ago by brothers, Jay and Kevin McLaughlin, is generally known for colorful prints and classic silhouettes. I’ve always been a fan of their line, making it a point to  stop by one of their Hampton locations at the beginning of the summer to score a long colorful maxi dress. This season’s collection consists of sea blues, greens, and corals, which just exudes beach town chic. I was happy to see the prints have trickled down to their new children’s collection.

J. McLaughlin Children's Clothes J. McLaughlin Children's Clothes

As soon as Ryder put on this collar shirt, he immediately seemed to don a more mature, sophisticated look, and surprisingly he liked it, as a nice alternative to the t-shirts which he is accustomed to wearing. Jason usually wears similar shirts, so he felt like he was just like his Dad. Siella adored her coral “under the sea” dress, as she calls it. The 3/4 sleeves on the dress will make for an easy transition into fall, yet the print will keep us reminiscing about the summer time. For me, their wrap zebra dress has instantly become my new favorite in my closet. Like Siella’s piece, my dress is made of Catalina Cloth, and it will definitely be my go to dress this summer.

J. McLaughlin Children's Clothes J. McLaughlin Children's Clothes J. McLaughlin Children's Clothes J. McLaughlin Children's Clothes J. McLaughlin Children's Clothes

That evening, the three of us enjoyed dinner decked in our J.McLaughlin threads. I am embracing this little blip of maturity, and I look forward to what the next few months will bring, as our family dynamic changes. They are redefining their childhood this summer, and all the while, I plea with Father Time to slow down.

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