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Gemma and Me

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Two days a week, Ryder, Siella and Gemma are all in school. I drop them off around 830am, and then do my best to squeeze in work, get errands done, and sometimes a workout before two o’ clock, when I need to rush to their dismissal. Today, after walking them to school, I came home with no appointments on the book, no spin class scheduled, a few emails and a post that needed to be started, but it I felt as though I was missing something. It was the three of them not in the house that left me feeling strange, and I know I am not ready for that to be the case full time.
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Next fall, Siella will enter kindergarten, and Gemma will continue at her school, for three times a week. That added third day will definitely take some getting use to, as I cherish the days I spend with Gemma. She is my baby, and probably my last, so I look forward to when school lets out, when I will have her back and the bigs with me, all day long. I’m trying to cherish all of time with them as I know we are racing against this time clock.

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With the weather finally starting to warm up, our days are usually spent all day outdoors, until it is time to pick up the big kids from school. Our romps usually consist of music or ballet class in the morning, followed by a playdate or trip to the playground, I usually pack our lunches for the day, and if we are lucky we can squeeze in a trip to whole foods and if I plan it out maybe even trip to a museum.
Lily Jade bagsLily Jade bags

Once I pick them up, a whole other round of activities start up from baseball practice, more dance classes for Siella, and now a ton of time in one of the many playgrounds here in Battery Park. We also started to utilize our buildings backyard and have dinner outdoors now. All in all our week days are pretty hectic, but as long as I am organized and packed for the day, I’m ready for it all.
Lily Jade bags Lily Jade bags

My Lily Jade bags really make my manic days orderly, and with style. If I pack my bag the night prior with snacks, uniforms, and all that is needed for the day, everything seems to fall into place, despite the unexpected dilemmas sure to be thrown my way.

Lily Jade bags

My newest Lily Jade is the Madeline in black premium leather. While I typically use it as a shoulder bag, it converts into a backpack, for the days when I am carrying a little extra cargo. The signature red and silky smooth interior liner is stacked with many pockets, assuring that there is a space for everything. Even the outer part of the bag has a leather trimmed large zipper pocket with two medium pockets and even a key clip making for easy access when getting my essentials like phone and wallet out.

Lily Jade bags Lily Jade bags

While I don’t use the Baby Bag organizer, all Lily Jade designer diaper bags comes complete with a detachable organizer along with a changing pad, that are both machine washable.

Lily Jade bags

My children may have grown out of the baby stage, but my Lily Jade Diaper Bags have grown with me, similar to my role in motherhood.

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3 thoughts on “Gemma and Me”

  1. That is a cute bag and it’s great that it holds what you need. I need a new purse soon, so I’ll have to check it out. I also love your daughter’s very cute sandals.

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