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Watercolors For Summer

With the start of summer just three weeks away, I am super excited for the many road trips and vacations we have planned. The kids will attend camp for only three weeks, and for the remainder of the time, we are completely free. I am so looking forward to no schedules, carefree days, and just seeing where the wind will take us.


Fortunately we have a car in the city, which makes it easy to get out of town. In fact, the summertime is when we use our car the most. The kids have become accustomed to long car rides, and really look forward to these adventures. These roads trips bring me back to days of my childhood, so I trust these memories we are making will last with them forever.

IMG_1830 2

With all of our time on the road, the kids spend quite a bit of time in car seats. Naturally, safety is the most important when dealing with car seats, but with three kids lined across the back seat, fit and comfort are next in line. The Maxi Cosi Pria 85 is specially designed to fit better in your car, allowing more room for your passengers to stretch out in the front seats. Getting your child in and out of the Pria 85 has also been simplified, with handy harness holders to keep the harness straps out of the way. It fits children rear-facing starting at 14 pounds, up to 40 pounds. When they’re ready to ride forward-facing, the seat can safely accommodate children up to 85 pounds; the highest weight range offered by a convertible car seat. Both rear and front facing benefit from the safer side impact protection provided by Maxi Cosi’s Air Protect technology which protects your child where they need it most, around their head.

IMG_1834 IMG_1815

Maxi Cosi may be known for their safety, and somehow they manage to pull it off with style. Gemma is rocking their newest Special Edition Watercolor Series. Nature is an inspiration for this collection, and I just love the blue hue brush strokes detailing on the piping and padding of the seat. This series is available for the Pria 85, and Mico Max 30 Infact Car seats.


Keeping the Pria 85 clean is simple, thanks to a seat pad, which unsnaps and removes easily over the frame. There’s no need to pull car seat out of the car, or tussle to get it off around the harness straps. And the Pria 85 seat pad is both machine washable and dryer safe.


If you are like me, and always wanting to change up the colors of your baby gear, without spending lots on a brand new seat or stroller, you can take advantage of Maxi Cosi’s new Fashion Kit. The Fashion Kit offers multiple styling options for your Pria 85, Pria 70, or Mico Max 30 seats, so you can give your car seat a new look, or continue to use the car seat while your other pad is in the wash. Think sandy carseats right after a day at the beach. The Fashion Kit includes: seat pad fabrics, headrest fabrics, and harness covers and buckle cover; and they are available in some fun colors like Passion Pink, Triangle Flow, Star Print, Grey, even this new Special Edition Watercolor!


As the three week countdown to the end of school has started, I am not sure who is more excited me, or my kids! The summer can’t start fast enough, and I’m psyched to change up our carseats with a summer feel, thanks to Maxi Cosi!

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5 thoughts on “Watercolors For Summer”

  1. Oh how I wish we had this option when Vine was little…
    This looks like the perfect go to baby shower gift.

  2. Our kids are now teenagers, but they all had Maxi-Cosi car seats, truly the best! Back then we bought them directly from Germany, because they had more print options there 🙂

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