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Game Day Ready!

Confession friends: I’m sure it will come as no surprise, but I don’t have the slightest clue about football, and in fact, I’m usually the last one to find out who’s playing Sunday’s Super Bowl. However, I can tell you I do know how to throw a good party, and I enjoy watching the big game for the commercials and half time performances. On Superbowl  Sunday, we are inviting some of our friends and their kids over to watch the game.


We haven’t thrown many parties in our apartment because it isn’t very large, so I needed to pick up some Super Bowl themed supplies from our local party store like cups, plates, napkins, football shaped bowls, and confetti. For snacks, I bought some favorite Sunday finger foods, like chips, dips, wings, bite size appetizers, and even football shaped whoopie pies. And let’s not forget the most important thing for Sunday, the beverages. I stocked up on juice boxes and seltzer for the kids, beer for the guys, and of course a little rosé for all the mamas. When it comes to displaying the beverages and keeping them cold all evening long, I turned to IGLOO.IMG_0277 IMG_0178

The adult (“big kid”) beverages will live in an IGLOO Party Bucket. It’s lightweight and fully foam-insulated with an elevated base and ergonomic shape. There is also a spout on the bottom, making it super easy to let out some of the water out. It comes in lots of colors, but I chose the blue with green trim. For the children’s drinks, we will use IGLOO’s Party Pails, similar to the party buckets but smaller, giving kids easy access throughout the evening. I figure the Party Buckets will get some future use for my two summer babies and their outdoor birthday parties, in our backyard common area.

IMG_0165IMG_0174 IMG_0257 IMG_0271

I did a little pre-game prep, to plan how to lay everything for our friends. I found some Super Bowl themed disposable trays and popcorn holders for the food and snacks, and football shaped condiment holders that can be used for dips, as well some healthy snacks like carrots and celery. Both my IGLOO coolers will be on the back of the table, stocked with ice and cold beves. The setup looked great, and I can’t wait for Sunday.

In honor of game day, I want to share a Mexican Layer Dip, that I make for every Super Bowl, whether we spend it at home or at friends’ places….

8oz Refried Beans
1 jar Diced Green Chilies
Shredded Mexican Blend Cheeses
Cream Cheese
Fresh made Guacamole
Black Olives

In a rectangle shaped pan, layer each of the ingredients, starting with the cream cheese, followed by the beans, salsa, guac, black olives, chiles, and topped with shredded cheese. For a little kick, I sneak in some jalapeños. Bake at 375 degrees, until cheese is fully melted. The kids totally help out making this dish and it’s super fun for them!


I’m so psyched to host our friends for the game soon. Happy Game Day friends!

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3 thoughts on “Game Day Ready!”

  1. We are throwing a Super Bowl party as well. A little disorganized and spontaneous – – my team isn’t playing this year. Go Pittsburgh Steelers 🙂 – – I love your ideas & accessories.

  2. We entertain a lot and OMG WHERE HAVE THOSE IGLOO BUCKETS BEEN ALL MY LIFE! Seriously, I love them. As for football, we’re not fans either so I keep *hoping* my football fan neighbors will invite us over for a party!

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