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Pieces Of Me

I can remember as clear as day, being pregnant with my second child, a girl and cleaning out my costume jewelry. I loved wearing chunky beaded necklaces, and had collected tons of them during my travels for work in the fashion industry. My intention was to throw the pieces out, since I hadn’t worn them in years, but then I remembered how often I played dress up with my mother’s jewelry when I was a kid. With this in mind, I moved my pieces in a small purse, and put it aside for my daughter when she was old enough. I recently shared my collection with Siella and Gemma, and they absolutely flipped over it.

IMG_0115 IMG_0119

Now as a mom, when it comes to jewelry, I’ve turned into a creature of habit, changing out my pieces less frequently as certain pieces have become staples in my daily wardrobe. It actually saves me time when getting ready each day, and every minute is critical when trying to get out the door with 3 kids. My taste has also evolved and the pieces I am drawn to now, I hope to pass down to my own children, and maybe they can do the same for their children some day. One of my favorite necklaces is my Helen Ficalora “Mom” necklace. I’ve added a few charms, like their evil eye, and puffy heart, and I love how it literally goes with everything. My children tend to hold it, while they are hugging me, and Gemma even holds it while I am putting her to sleep every night.  It’s sort of become a part of me.


I love the fact that I can just keep adding on it, with the many different options offered by Helen Ficalora. While most are familiar with Helen’s letter initial charms, I am considering 3 of their little figurines; one to represent each child. Their timeless pieces come in yellow, pink, and white gold, and have diamond accents. The collection is perfect for anyone seeking unique and personalized jewelry, that allows them to tell their story.
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With Valentine’s Day just two weeks away, I’m excited to give away this 14k Yellow Gold Heart Cutout Tiny Charm on a 14k Yellow 18″ Fine Chain to one lucky SITC reader! Details below!

14k YG Heart Cutout Tiny Necklace

Helen Ficalora Giveaway!

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