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It’s no secret, weekday mornings are super hectic as we jam to get everyone out the door before 7am and dropped at three different schools within an hour. After four months of arduous commuting, I’ve adapted many tricks and techniques to make mornings go more smoothly, such as breakfast and lunch prep the night before.

Our mornings usually go like this. I wake up at 6am, before the kids to guzzle some coffee, while packing their breakfasts in a breakfast tote, and placing lunches and snacks in their backpacks. Then I wake them, to get dressed, do their hair, brush their teeth and run out the door. It’s intense, and there’s definitely no room to drop the ball.

Since they’re eating breakfast on the go and in the car, my food selections need to be crafty. One of their favorites is overnight oats with granola! The granola makes a huge different when making overnight oats, so I’ve been using Sweet Home Farms Granola, because they offer so many different flavors. They make simply delicious granola with only the finest whole grains, fruits, nuts, and simple sweeteners. Ingredients are grown and made sans GMOs, and never have artificial colors.

Some of the Sweet Home Farms flavors include Cinnamon, Bluberry, French Vanilla Almond, Honey Nut, Pumpkin Flax, and Maple Pecan. They come in carton size containers, or a smaller size resealable pouches.

Overnight Oats Recipe:

Two Cups Of Oatmeal

Two Cups of Milk (or substitute)

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 cup Sweet Home Farm Granola


Mix together the oatmeal, milk, syrup, and chia seeds. Place in mason jars, then top with Sweet Home Farm Granola, and berries. Place in refrigerator overnight, and enjoy next morning!

Sweet Home Farm Granola’s aren’t just for overnight oats. They’ve made their way into my maple nut cookies, homemade granola bars, pancakes, and  Brownies. Head to their website, with plenty of fun recipes!

Check out this video of me prepping my overnight oats, with Sweet Home Farm.


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18 thoughts on “Making Mornings Healthy & Delicious”

  1. I make overnight oats all the time. It’s one of the easiest things ever. However, I’ve never put granola in my oats. I ‘ve used things like berries, coconut, almonds or cacao. But I imagine that granola is so good. I also love the little single serving containers.

  2. Great idea prepping lunch and breakfast the night before. I can’t imagine life as hectic as yours! You’re awesome!

  3. I love making overnight oats! It’s one of the things that makes breakfast easier for me especially during busy morning. I think this is perfect!

  4. I love overnight oats but I’ve never used granola in it before! I love the Sweet Home Farm Granola for my oatmeal raising cookies!

  5. These look great! I have been working towards eating healthier, and breakfast is the area I am really lacking. I will have to try these out for sure!

  6. I LOVE overnight oats. I need to start making them more because with our crazy live I’ve been eating breakfast in the car! Great ideas.

  7. I can not even imagine getting out the door before seven and having three drop offs. That’s intense! Overnight oats is a fantastic idea for breakfast on the go! Yours look so yummy!

  8. So great to hear the ingredients are GMO and artificial free because that is the first deciding factor for me when buying food. I love overnight oats, wait make that I love oats! I will really have to find Sweet Home Farm Granola, especially honey nut flavour.

  9. Elise @ Belle Meets World blog

    This looks really delicious and easy to make – which is key for me in the morning! I love to learn about new healthy ingredients that I an incorporate into my diet so thank you for the kitchen inspiration!

  10. That sounds like a fun, delicious way to start what sounds like a hectic day! I’ll have to see if I can find the granola. Hope you have a great New Year!

  11. Angela Cardamone

    Yum, this looks so decliocus! I had not heard of that brand of granola before, but will definitely be on the lookout for it now!!

  12. These little jars of goodness look GLORIOUS for when you’re hungry on the go. Love that you managed to get some fresh fruit in there, too!

  13. I have heard of overnight oats but never with granola. I prefer granola and wonder if my kids would too. I will definitely try this!

  14. This looks wonderful and hopefully a recipe my daughters will love. We’ve never made overnight oats before but are excited to try this week!

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