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Repurposed For Good

Today was the last day of our pre-Thanksgiving trip to Disney, and we are headed home to spend the holiday with our families. I am feeling extremely grateful as this year is coming to as close. I am beyond grateful for my three beautiful children, my husband Jason, all of our friends and family. I’m grateful to live in the most wonderful city in the world. We have our health, and we all have one another, along this beautiful journey in life together. Everyday I’ve been asking the children what they are grateful for, and trying to help them understand just how lucky they are.


Ideal for trying to give to others, this platform has become a great resource for me in promoting what I believe in, and being able to give back whenever I can. This month I have teamed up with TOTSPOT, and are selling some of the kids clothing there, in order to give back to a charity that I find near and dear to my heart, Make A Wish Foundation. TOTSPOT is the resale shopping app for families, allowing you to sell and shop styles for kids, women & men. While most will be able to earn money by selling your items, I’ve decided to donate all of my proceeds to Make A Wish.


Earlier this month, I sorted through my children’s clothing, and pulled things they’ve outgrown, and some never even worn. Ryder has especially been growing like a sprout so items we bought only a few months back no longer fit. The kids helped cull through the piles of clothing, as we discussed what we should do with them. You can never be certain that clothing makes it to the drop bins to those in need, so I wanted to find a way to guarantee they would go to good use. What if I sold my unwanted clothes, and donated the money to charity? Now the question was, how can I sell everything.

The TOTSPOT app allows you to post and resell your clothing. Simply start by downloading the app, and upload photos of your clothing using your phone. Items can be listed by category like girl or boy, pricing, description, new, new with or without tags, used, etc. Once another user buys the item, TOTSPOT will send you a shipping label to send out your merchandise. This was the ideal way for me to give to those in need.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.19.11 PM

I promise this will not be the last time I sell something on TOTSPOT and donate to charity. Make A Wish Foundation is an organization that is close to my heart since I lost my friend to cancer, in seventh grade. While she was undergoing treatment, the Foundation granted her a trip to Disney World. Over these last few days in Orlando, we came across someone with a Make A Wish foundation tee shirt, which flooded me with emotions and memories from years ago. I encourage you all to give back whenever you can, especially during the holiday season. Check out my shop over on TOTSPOT, where I hope you will find a few items for your kiddies, and all proceeds will be donated to Make A Wish. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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