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Before you actually have a child, I don’t think you picture or predict what type of parent you will become. You can talk to plenty of people, and read every available book, and say you plan on parenting a certain way; and that you would never ever let your kids do x or y; but the real parenting happens and begins when they are actually in your arms. From the moment Ryder was born, Jason threw himself right into fatherhood. He wasn’t grossed out by dirty diapers, startled by holding a little person who was only 1% of body weight, or bothered waking up for a midnight feed. After our first week home from the hospital, it was clear what kind of Dad he was going to be. A wonderful one!

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Now with three children, who are growing into these beautiful little people, Jason is the ying to my yang when it comes to parenting. He is the super fun Dad, the one who likes to bend the rules a little, the one who gets down on the floor to give piggy back rides, the funny one, and the one that all the kids’ friends joke and play around with too. He may not keep the house as tidy as I’d like, or hear every word I say, but to them, he is their Dad. The one they look up to. Their hero. Now that Ryder and Siella are older, they miss him more than ever when he travels for work. On the days away, we make sure to FaceTime every night before bed to catch up on their days, so he doesn’t miss out on anything.


Eight years ago, just before Ryder came into this world, I purchased a diaper bag for Jason, called Diaper Dude, which was the coolest bag in town for Dads. It was army green with orange piping, and a cross body style. At first, I thought he would cringe at the idea of his own “diaper” bag, but turned out, he absolutely loved his pre-Father’s Day gift, and believe it or not, he still used it up until Gemma was out of diapers.

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Fathers Day is a special day to acknowledge families, role models and the importance of digging in together. Diaper Dude, a True Dude Company is kicking off a national True Dude Diaper Challenge, inviting dudes from around the country to represent, participate and take the pledge to post a video or picture of their diaper changing times, to support an amazing outreach program with their partners at Futures Without Violence called Coaching Boys Into Men. It’s impressive to see how the brand has evolved over the years, with new styles, expanding their line to include watches!

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Pysched to have partnered with Diaper Dude, and giving away a Backpack, MLB Yankee’s Crossbody bag, and a watch! Follow the rafflecopter below for details on how to win these amazing items for Father’s Day! And to all the amazing Dads out there, wishing you all a great Father’s Day!


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  1. Oh this post takes me back… And yet not 🙂 I got my husband a diaper dude back in the day ended now? The 10-year-old uses it as a book bag!!

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