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Sleep For Father’s Day

When I asked Jason what he wanted for Father’s Day, his response was sleep. The last few months have been pretty brutal with Gemma climbing into our bed almost every night. We’ve pretty much come to expect that at some point in the wee hours, she will make her way between us each night. With Jason’s frequent travel schedule, he sometimes forgets that he will get a foot or two in his face in the middle of the night, which usually results with him grabbing his pillow, and heading into the living room, to sleep on the couch.


As it turns out, he will actually be getting his wish for Father’s Day, because  yesterday he booked another job which requires him to fly to Atlanta for Sunday morning. It’s the first time we will not spend Father’s Day together, which is a total bummer, so we’ve decided to actually celebrate this Saturday, before he leaves for a flight, late in the day.


Since sleep was actually on his list, I thought it would be hilarious to get him Tempur Pedic’s  TEMPUR-Cloud Soft and Lofty Pillow, and have it embroidered with #1 Dad. We were both in need of new pillows, so now when he makes his way out to the couch, his #1 Dad pillow will be along for the ride.

IMG_4086 IMG_4062

TEMPUR-Cloud pillows combine luxurious softness and lasting support. The TEMPUR micro cushions cradle the head, neck and shoulders. With this pillow, it doesn’t matter if you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper, as any position will leave you feeling comfortable. Each pillow is filled with squeezable TEMPUR micro cushions, so they return to their lofty shape after each use. At least, this will offer him some extra comfort, when sleeping on our ten year old couch!


Jason’s new pillow was such a hit that I actually picked up one for myself. Psyched to offer THREE TEMPUR-Cloud pillows to three SITC readers, which can be the perfect little gift for the Dad, Uncle, or Grandpa in your lives; or maybe you’ll just keep it for yourself!

Leave a comment below telling me your plans for Father’s Day. I will be choosing a winner on Sunday June 19th, 12pm est. #pillowperks

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16 thoughts on “Sleep For Father’s Day”

  1. The gift of a good night’s sleep is a great gift! This Father’s Day we have a make up baseball game and then will head out to dinner afterwards! I hope you have a great day celebrating with your husband even if he won’t be with you on Father’s Day! Dad appreciation should happen all year long! Just like appreciation of moms! 🙂

  2. My husband had a similar request so we will be letting him sleep in on Sunday, the going to have a BBQ. 🙂 We are looking forward to a relaxing day!

  3. My husband had a similar request so we will be letting him sleep in on Sunday, then going to have a BBQ. 🙂 We are looking forward to a relaxing day!

  4. We’ll be having brunch with my family, but my husband is also going to be away for Father’s Day. Boo. We’re going to FaceTime with him! I would love to win the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow for because we have gone through so many pillows and have not found the right one yet! This one sounds perfect! Thanks for the chance to win, and enjoy your Father’s Day celebration!

  5. What a great idea, I need the gift of sleep too!!! We will be at a baseball tournament on Father’s Day, watching anywhere from 1-3 games. No more me time!

  6. We’re taking my hubby out to breakfast then having a backyard BBQ in the evening with my dad and family. T bone steaks are our Father’s Day tradition!

  7. Gabby anderosn

    We plan on having a family dinner with his dad and my step dad. We might do a little swimming noting to crazy my husband has to work the next day.

  8. Marissa Bruno Pisano

    My husband works nights. Trying to keep our 3 children (5, 4 & 3) quiet while getting ready for school is not easy and the weekends can be even harder. The little one doesn’t understand why Daddy sleeps “while the sun is awake.” Needless to say the poor thing is exhausted. This pillow and a sound proof room would be the perfect gift for Father’s Day! ????

  9. Christine Arevalo

    A good night’s sleep is a wonderful gift! I think my hubby will sleep like a baby with this TEMPUR-Cloud pillow! Sounds like just what he needs! He is at Dad’s Camp with my son for a few days!

  10. I think sleep is my husbands Fathers Day gift request too, as he’s currently sleeping in! Those pillows sound great and we need new ones too.

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