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Fall Kids Reads

I truly cannot believe we are halfway through October. How did this happen?! Furthermore, the holidays are very quickly approaching, and my kids are quite excited to start reading some Halloween and spooky themed books. There’s something magical about reading these mystery books as a kid. It’s important to me that my kids’ library is constantly changing, so they can keep up with their reading and use their imaginations. I want them to look forward to their reading time!

These are our favorite fall books to swap into our library for the changing seasons.


Firstly, allowing our children time to use their imaginations after sitting in class to talk about math and history all day is vital. It keeps them hopeful and there’s nothing wrong with a great imagination. It’s what makes things more fun! Some of the best children’s books are stories where the wildest things happen and they can not just in a story. But we want our children to have big dreams and goals and learn that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to!

We are raising the next generation of leaders. I find the best fall books have beautiful illustrations, a sweet story or a spooky harvest moon! If your kids love to grab a cozy blanket and read about seasonal changes or even a Nancy Drew novel, I have the perfect story options for them!

Holiday Fun

Secondly, while our children get so much homework and assigned story books, I do think it’s important to have a great escape for them in their free time from school work and activities. For instance, the joy of reading is special. It’s a great hobby to instill in children. Books are an escape from reality and if that means they need an interactive book or a classic tale, they can choose to read whatever their hearts desire.

My kids are older now, so we have graduated from first grade autumn-themed books and are onto more than an easy read, but mystery novels! For example, they love Rick Riordan and j. k. Rowling Harry Potter Series, as well as the Chronicles of Narnia. It’s the perfect time to incorporate Halloween and Thanksgiving books as we are approaching that time of year. I find it’s a fun transition into the season of fall. Who doesn’t love a wonderful fall book about a giant pumpkin?



Finally, there are great books that can aid in teaching young readers important life lessons. Your children’s reading level does not matter, because these stories can be told in chapter books, a picture book, graphic novels, fairy tales and really through any kids’ books.

Fall Books

While my list has mostly stuck to saying goodbye summer and welcoming the autumn season, that is a subject that is difficult to teach. A new season brings a lot of changes to the natural world and a good book can talk all about the very last leaf and introduce a pumpkin patch to little ones. It’s finally the fall season and we are ready to welcome a new beautiful book.


For more book recommendations, visit here!

Firstly, this adorable read is perfect for the fall! It will get you and your little one in the Halloween spirit!
Secondly, the changing seasons can be confusing. This is a fantastic read to teach all about fall.
Thirdly, fall books are so sweet. With seasons changing, leaves begin to change color and fall off the trees. Teach your little one all about autumn with this book!
This is a sweet read for your elementary aged kids! It’s all about a class trip to get pumpkins for the fair.
I have teens and tweens so I’m trying to find fun fall reads for them! It’s all about teens who work together at an annual pumpkin patch year after year and this is the final year.
Don’t worry, this is not a scary read! It’s all about embracing both new love and new family.
This is a coming of age novel that feels eerily like Stranger Things. My kids are huge fans of that show so I figured they’d like this read about a haunted town.
Furthermore, this is another sci-fi read! Although this one involves a house full of magic.
This is not about the season, but changing of time! Jenni and Autumns lives are changing quickly and they wish to stop time.
Here we have a mystery novel! The kids find an undelivered letter in a book and embark on a treasure hunt to figure the mystery out.
Moreover, we have another mystery! There is a whole history of a haunted house full of magic intertwined!
We are ending on a read to solve a crime! Two kids end a horrible summer by solving the town’s mystery.
Moreover, here is an adorable coming of age ballerina read! With point shoes being introduced, Lauren embarks on a whole new dance journey as she works towards a large audition. The girls face challenges on and off the stage!
Finally, Rebel Girls is one of our favorite book series to read because they empower young women. As a mom of two daughters, this book library collection was a must for female power!

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