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Where to Trick or Treat in NYC

As Halloween approaches, we are planning our route to go trick or treating in New York City! While there are so many options, I know not all apartment buildings participate and some areas are less lively on Halloween night. Last year, we stayed around the Tribeca area, which was great because the kids have tons of friends nearby! I think my biggest tips are to go in a big group and go closest to home. After a long night of costume parades, candy hunts and Halloween spirit, it can get exhausting quite quickly. So the closer you are to home, the happier you’ll end up, especially if it’s cold that night. Here are some prime spots in each neighborhood to sport your favorite costume and head out for a night of special events and trick or treating fun!

Mother and daughters Halloween costumes of Hocus Pocus characters



Let’s start with downtown Manhattan, since that’s what I know the best! The whole family likes to participate in the Halloween fun each year! Once the fall season hits, we start to plan our spooky fun and Halloween costumes. Grab a pen and paper because you’ll want to take not of these areas to get candy treats!


Not every area of town does this, but Tribeca happens to have a ton of businesses offer candy for trick or treaters. This is great because they are close by each other and you still get to stay out in the fresh air if you choose to trick or treat outside of your own apartment building. Usually Hudson, Greenwich, Reade, Church and Duane streets are the most welcoming for trick or treaters!


There aren’t a ton of spots over here, but there are places on Greene street near Spring Street and Prince Street that are friendly for Halloween night! So if you live near here, check this area out!


As we get closer to Midtown, options open up a bit more! For indoor trick or treating, the Chelsea Market has Halloween helpers who pass candy out throughout the day normally. Another great spot for night time is Clement Clarke Moore Park! A lot of families like to bring their kids there around start time to trick or treat at the brownstone blocks! Stay around 22nd and 21st and 9th and 10th!

Kids' Halloween costumes: knight, giraffe, mermaid


Economy Candy likes to hand out candy to trick or treaters on Halloween night. While this isn’t a door to door experience, you can count on there being amazing candy for the night. If you live nearby, you have to stop by!

Greenwich Village

Washington Square Park is one of the places to be downtown! There is a kids Halloween costume party on the 22nd from 3-6PM, which is so much fun! If you’re an adult looking to go out, you can check out the Village Halloween Parade, it’s just a lot to bring kids to!

East Village

There aren’t really that many residences that participate in giving out candy, but Avenue A is a great spot for those of you who live nearby! All of the restaurants and stores love to participate and hand out candy on Halloween night!

Kids' Halloween costumes in NYC: ninja, fairy, and princess


Officially heading up the island of Manhattan! Midtown is quite a busy area, at least compared to downtown and it’s a place where you probably want to stick to your apartment buildings for safety.

Midtown East

From 3-7PM, businesses will be joining in on the Halloween fun! There will be several welcome check in spots on 56th Street and from there you can get a trick or treating bag and a map of the route! Pro tip– go where there are activities set up already. It saves a lot of time and they are a blast! They are also a great way to meet new friends along the way!


West 69th Street is where all the fun is on Halloween! Near Central Park, these New Yorkers really know how to decorate with spooky decor. The police even shut the streets down for trick or treaters so cars can’t come by! Another great spot is 95th and 96th Street between Columbus and CPW. They have some of the best places to go trick or treating on Halloween night! If you’re on the upper west side, grab your best costume and head out to Central Park West!

Daughter trick-or-treating in NYC with cheerleader costume


Hello Upper East Siders! The best area on the Upper East Side is 92nd Street, between Park and Madison. This is another area that gets closed down for trick or treating, which is great because it’s a safer option for sure! Kids of all ages have a great Halloween up there and always come home with a full treat bag. The entire city comes together for a great holiday!


If you’re in Harlem, I’ve got you covered with a trick or treating spot! Firstly, Marcus Garvey Park puts out a map of participating nearby houses, so you know which to go to. But if you don’t want to rely on that, you can always head to Hamilton Terrace, which is between 141st and 144th streets. There are a bunch of brownstones that are decked out for the holiday with plenty of candy to go round!

Washington Heights

In Washington Heights, there is more than enough candy to go around! Head up Broadway between 168th and 181st Streets to find tons of stores handing out sweets to kids!

Daughter's hippie Halloween costume


We can’t forget about Brooklyn! There are a bunch of different areas, but here are the best trick or treating spots I’ve found:

Brooklyn Heights

Garden Place and Grace Court Alley are where it’s at! This part of town has tons of decor and Brownstones decked out ready for trick or treaters to arrive!

Fort Greene

Brooklyn Academy of Music has Halloween festivities you will love! This is an outdoor event with treats that are already packed for you to enjoy. There are arts and crafts for families to participate in, as well! It’s a great place to celebrate Halloween!

Kids' Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating in NYC


We’ll finish up with the Jackson Heights Halloween Parade! Who doesn’t love a good parade?! It’s on 37th Avenue from 89th St to the Foodtown Supermarket at 76th St on October 31st beginning at 5PM. This is perfect for young children, as well!

This post was originally published October 13th, 2022*

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  1. Sounds like a fun time! Also great tips to stay closer to home if you can, all that walking and fun can make the little ones pretty tired. I can’t wait to get out and do some more Halloween activities!

  2. This is going to make a lot of kids out there super happy. Their parents will be happy, too. AFter all, the more candy the kids get, the more candy the parents get with the Candy Tax.

  3. My sister based in NYC and I were just talking about this since she still has no plans for Halloween. Shared this post with her. A trip to Greenwich Village sounds perfect. Thank you for sharing this.

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