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Elegant & Whimsy In Paris

I happened to be walking by a cute boutique in SoHo about a week before we left for Paris when I spotted these gorgeous dresses hanging in the windows and I immediately had to have them for the girls. High style, modern simplicity, and elegant whimsy collide to make up the beautiful world of Raspberry Plum.

Their line of baby and girls’ clothing is all about the beauty that comes with embracing the eclectic and making bold choices in fashion. With styles that range from simple cuts to frilly skirts that remind one of wearing cotton candy, Raspberry plum brings high style and whimsical childhood fun together in a way that works on every level. And these styles were just perfect for our trip to Paris last month!

When you see the Raspberry Plum styles you’re instantly transported into a fairy tale world with visions of simple Asian elegance, woodland fairy looks with ruffled rainbow colors, and everything in between. It’s a true hodgepodge of style, and I mean that in the best, most elegant way possible. The girls each chose looks that were quite different and yet remarkably the same, and which I adored, proving once again that the fashion apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Gemma, chose the Isabel Skirt. Remember when I mentioned skirts that evoked the feeling of wearing cotton candy? This is that skirt and it’s just a fashion lover’s dream. The skirt features an elastic waistband, while the skirt is a multi-colored pink, purple, and blue pastel, three-tiered affair. It’s almost like a fairy tale tutu made for everyday wear. It’s just the cutest.

Siella chose the Elison Dress. If the Isabel Skirt is like wearing cotton candy, the Elison Dress is like wearing a pink cloud. It features a solid-colored dress with voluminous, sheer fabric over the top. The dress features flowing, oversized sleeves and bodice with a black accent stripe along the neck and down the sides. It’s fantastically adorable and has just the right amount of elegance to go with its whimsy.

For the best in high style, eclectic elegance, give Raspberry Plum a look. Their styles evoke a feel of a modern fairy tale come to life, with flowing sheers and pastel colors, along with simply cut fashions that have a distinct world-feel.

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11 thoughts on “Elegant & Whimsy In Paris”

  1. These photos are so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. I’m really love the dresses as well. I can see why you got them. They are very beautiful.

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