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Dreaming Big Starts With Someone Small at KinderCare

This is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting SITC.

This post is sponsored by KinderCare. Thank you for supporting SITC.
Summer isn’t even in full swing and I am already looking to the future and thinking about back to school. I may fully embrace the freewheeling lazy days of summer but my mind is always working—always focused on the next step and how to be prepared for it. Gemma is going to start Kindergarten in the fall and even though I am nervous, I know she will be prepared because I have been diligent about making sure her early education—her foundation—is strong. 
What's Great About KinderCare | Stroller In The City
I remember always thinking that high school was the most important time because it sets you up for college and life…but ever since becoming a mom I have changed my tune. Of course, higher education is important but when you build a house you don’t start with the roof, do you? It is so important to start with high-quality early education so that kids have a strong foundation to build on. Children who attend dynamic quality daycare centers are starting kindergarten prepared and that early education can lead to a more successful future because kids are more likely to pursue higher education and strive for greatness.
What's Great About KinderCare | Stroller In The City
For working parents the decision to enroll children in daycare is difficult and oftentimes women take a step back from their careers to focus primarily on childcare. For me, in the beginning I figured if I was home with my kids I wouldn’t have to worry about classes or early childhood education centers because I’d be there to do it.  Newsflash: I don’t have a background in early childhood education. 
What's Great About KinderCare | Stroller In The City
Everything in life can be traced back to the early years and since 70% of brain development happens within the first three years of life it is important to give our children the highest quality early education they need to succeed in the future. I saw a change in Ryder after our first mom/baby class and I realized then how important early education would be for our entire family. Daycare is essential for working parents but it can also take the pressure off stay-at-home parents who don’t know where to begin with developmental milestones or how to teach their kids.  
What's Great About KinderCare | Stroller In The City
I know it sounds overwhelming to get kids involved in a million classes and activities when they are just babies but it is so important to stimulate kids to help them grow and flourish. I truly believe in an even balance for children—the intellectual, emotional and physical should all develop in tandem and this should start early on. Childcare, especially in cities like New York, can be so daunting but luckily, KinderCare has all of the elements you need for an enriching and high-quality daycare under one roof…plus they focus on developing literacy, STEM and creative expression.
What's Great About KinderCare | Stroller In The City
KinderCare is one of those institutions with a long history of providing the highest quality daycare for children. There are over 1700 locations across the country from New York to Seattle. We just got our very own KinderCare location recently in Tribeca and I am so thrilled to be a part of welcoming them to the hood and helping bring awareness to the facility and the amazing teachers so that all the kiddos can thrive. 
What's Great About KinderCare | Stroller In The City
Our kids are entering a new world and education needs to be paramount in their lives if they hope to have a bright future. KinderCare is an accredited institute that will help prepare children for their future and bring success to future generations. Enrollment is open at KinderCare and to learn more about tuition and openings please check out their website. I was blown away when I first visited and continue to be impressed with how incredible the programs are and how alive and inspiring it feels inside. Dreaming big starts with someone small at #KinderCare. 
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What's Great About KinderCare | Stroller In The City

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12 thoughts on “Dreaming Big Starts With Someone Small at KinderCare”

  1. Those classrooms look amazing and so much fun! I never did KinderCare for my kiddos, but I really wish I had these great options made available to me when my kids were little.

  2. Starting off in the right schools when they are young is so important. Kinder Care looks like it would be great!

  3. Reesa Lewandowski

    I never knew how important it was to find a good preschool either, until I found the wrong one! KinderCare looks amazing!

  4. Alicia Gonzalez

    What an awesome classroom! I’ve always said a classroom should be a place that looks and feels inspiring. When kids enjoy learning at a young age, it usually sticks!

  5. Those do look like great classrooms. We did a home daycare for my one daughter for a few years, but then I came home to work. Then my kids just did pre-school. I really like that KinderCare is focusing on developing literacy, STEM and creative expression.

  6. It’s so great to have places like this to get some extra learning to be able to get a step ahead. Not only for learning but just socializing in general. I know I could have used something similar before getting into actual school.

  7. I wish I would have done something like this when my kids were young. It’s never too early for them to start learning.

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