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It’s National Safety Month!

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Each year when June rolls around, I try to fully prepare for our crazy month. The kids have end of year celebrations, recitals, and us parents are trying to do it all while planning out summer schedules. Most of our friends will escape the city and rent a house for the summer, and some of us will be in and out exploring all of the beaches and spray grounds NYC has to offer.

While June is filled with lots of change for most parents because it’s pretty much our year end, it’s also National Safety Month, which is a great time to remind parents about the Packets Up! Campaign. Created by The American Cleaning Institute (ACI), this is an important initiative we’ve posted about before to educate consumers and help reduce the number of accidental liquid laundry packet exposures in children.


It’s an important message to store liquid laundry packets up and out of reach from children to prevent accidental exposures and be thoughtful if you transport them when doing laundry outside your home! I think this message is extremely important to us city-folk who don’t normally have washer/dryers in our apartment, and then go and get a rental home for the summer where there’s a full laundry room where the little ones can easily access the detergent packets.  If you do laundry outside the home, always be certain that the container is securely closed and out of site of young children.

I know I find myself doing way more loads of laundry from all of the beach and pool time we have, so it’s important to keep the Packets Up! campaign in mind and practice safe laundry habits throughout the summer months. I’d like to think my kids are old enough to know not to put the packets in their mouths, but we have our little cousins visiting us all the time so I just stay in the practice of putting laundry packets up and away as habit all of the time so there is not chance of forgetting when younger kids are around. 

A few steps you can take to avoid any accidents can be keeping the laundry packets always out of reach of young children, so high up on the shelves. Make sure the containers a closed tightly before, during, and after use. You can go to www.packetsup.com for more information. You can even enter your details to receive a free reminder cling – parents should place it in a visible location to serve as a daily reminder!

Watch Through Their Eyes video to understand how to keep toddlers safe by seeing the world from their perspective and be sure to follow #PacketsUp on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to speed on the latest in laundry room safety habits!

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8 thoughts on “It’s National Safety Month!”

  1. Packets Up! campaign is a great initiative. Little kids can easily mistake them as a sweet treat, and harm themselves. While I love the idea of the pods/packets (drop and walk away), it’s extremely important to keep them out of reach.

  2. I had no idea it was national safety month, I haven’t had super young kids in a long time, but these tips will surely be great for a reminder to my sis with her little one to be safe!

  3. Neely Moldovan

    This is so helpful! Having a newly active toddler I am so scared of everything. He gets into everything.

  4. I never knew there was a national safety month! Great tip about laundry packs. I use liquid detergent, but if I travel and have to use a laundry mat, I will definitely keep this in mind.

  5. I’ve always kept my laundry products on a high shelf. I admit I never gave much thought to how much the packets look like a treat to a small child.

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