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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

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It’s no secret we live in a small apartment with our three children and two little dogs. Sure, I would love a huge apartment, but for now, we’ve managed to make our shared living space work because we love our neighborhood. It’s safe to say that the tiniest thing out of place, can make our apartment look messy, and I will admit, it has caused me to become a bit of neat freak. In efforts to keep outside mess from making its way inside, we have a no shoe policy in the apartment, but let’s face it, with three little ones, there’s always some kind of mess.


I have sectioned off a portion of our living room, and turned it into Ryder, Siella, and Gemma’s playroom. But like most kids, in a matter of minutes, they can turn this playroom upside down, and it’s one section of the house I dread cleaning the most. About a few months ago, the playroom received a makeover, and we added a new colorful rug. It’s my most favorite rug in the house, so I am extra careful about keeping it super clean. Funny story, I set up a photographer to take pictures of our finished playroom, and while he was there shooting, he actually spilled his coffee right on the rug. The rug was only two days old, and I was absolutely in shambles over it! He of course was mortified over the whole thing, and I honestly thought I would have to go out and buy a new carpet because the stain would never come out. That’s when a friend suggested I try STAINMASTER.


STAINMASTER Carpet Care products have been a life saver in my home! I’m happy to report the Rug Stain Remover got out the coffee stain from the photographer as well as many other stains it has encountered between the kids or dogs.


With the STAINMASTER Carpet Care line, you can treat difficult stains while simultaneously protecting your carpet from future resoiling. Some other stain removers can leave a sticky residue that can attract dirt over time, but the new breakthrough Carpet Care products quickly power out tough stains, while leaving behind an invisible shield to repel dirt. This protects against recoiling, which keep our carpet looking newer longer. Plus it’s gentle on your area rug’s delicate colors, so it won’t discolor.


Two of STAINMASTER’S Carpet Care are in constant rotation in my home, the Rug Stain Remover, and the Pet Stain Remover. Unfortunately, our dogs Teddy and Penny are getting up their in age, so accidents have not been uncommon in the children’s playroom, or even in their bedroom. We try to avoid letting them hang out in those areas of the house, but if we forget, these products have come to the rescue. I’ve been extremely impressed with how well the Pet Stain Remover works, while eliminating odors, at the same time.


STAINMASTER formula’s are designed to removes tough stains and begins cleaning on contact. It’s great for stains like coffee (ahem!), wine, grape juice, jelly, chocolate syrup, ketchup, dirty motor oil, soil, urine, vomit, etc. In my case, its markers, makeup, chalk, and pet accidents!


Things may not always be in order in my home, but I do love my new backup when it comes to getting stains out of the rugs, to keep our home looking like it’s somewhat in order! To learn more about the STAINMASTER Carpet Care Collections CLICK HERE!

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