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Happy and Healthy Pups

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to our pups Teddy and Penny. I’m really excited because I’ve been dying to feature them here, because they such a huge part of our lives. Since their feature, I’ve been getting so many questions and comments, with one repeated questions “how do you do it in NYC with three kids and two dogs!”


To answer the question, the pups came before children, so caring for them is like being on auto pilot. We walk them daily, but are they are trained to go on wee wee pads, when they are home alone. The kids keep them entertained, but at ages 13 and 11, it’s safe to say they are completely content lounging around all day.


As a pet owner, I know it’s important for my dogs to get the nutrition they need to live happy and healthy lives. Beneful was first recommended by our veterinarian, and has since become our dog food of choice. Teddy and Penny Lane were never into wet foods, so we’ve always stuck with dry food. Their favorite Beneful flavor is Beneful Originals with Real Beef or Chicken.


The Beneful team has been working to evolve its dry food recipes for the past two years, changing things up to use more ingredients dog owners are familiar with and want in their dogs’ food. They recognize that real meat as the first ingredient is increasingly important to dog owners, which is why real meat is now the #1 ingredient in their beef and chicken dry foods. All new Beneful recipes have no added sugar and the result is great tasting foods that your dog will enjoy, and you can feel great about feeding him.


To make sure anyone interested in trying their new recipe can, Beneful is offering you a chance to sign up for a free sample, and share your experience with a rating on Beneful.com!

It’s important to note that dogs can be sensitive to change, especially when it comes to food. Even if you currently feed your dog Beneful, you’ll want to transition to the new Beneful recipe as you would for a new type of food. Check out these helpful feeding tips and tricks for how to make the transition smoothly.


Teddy and Penny Lane are totally enjoying Beneful’s new and improved recipe, and I don’t even think they taste the difference.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Friends Of Beneful Program

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16 thoughts on “Happy and Healthy Pups”

  1. You’re making me want a dog! 🙂 That’s not good! 😉 It’s nice that you had the pups first, I think it’s so hard to do it the other way around (babies first).

  2. It’s refreshing to read that real meat is the number one ingredient in Beneful and no added sugar. Healthy for my pets is always a priority. I signed up for the free sample thanks!

  3. Awe! Your pups are so sweet! We haven’t tried Beneful for our dogs yet, but I’ll be sure to go snap up a sample now and leave my rating once we’ve tried it. Thanks!

  4. I think Beneful is a great brand, it really provides for the your fur baby’s needs! It’s important to give them the right food so that they can get all the nutrients that they need for the day!

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