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Home Is Where The Heart Is

One of the goals I had when starting this blog was to share my exciting journey as a mom with other like-minded mamas. Blogging has encouraged me to participate in so many amazing activities that I might not have even thought of otherwise. And as my family grew so did our experiences and adventures—and some of these adventures even inspired us to start new family traditions that my children will look back on fondly, just as I do with my own childhood.


There are so many things that bring back strong memories from my childhood. Like when a certain smell hits me or I revisit a place from my past; it brings me right back to when I was a kid and those moments are the things I will cherish for my whole life.


Making S’mores around a bonfire is something we spend a lot of time doing during the summer and it is special for our whole family. We gather around and tell jokes or stories and have fun roasting the marshmallows. My kids love it because we get to indulge in sweets but I know that the summer air, the flickering orange and red glow of the fire and the smell of crackling wood will stay with my children forever. Every time they have a S’more they will think back to these summer nights by the fire.

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When I think of summer I think of bonfires and S’mores made with HERSHEY’S chocolate. I’m not alone! American consumers buy over 25 million milk chocolate 6-packs between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend…that’s enough to make over 300 MILLION S’mores! The Classic S’mores recipe is my personal favorite: graham cracker + HERSHEY’S chocolate + marshmallow.


Gemma, of course loves to roast the marshmallows so hers are oozing with (sometimes over-roasted) marshmallowy goodness. Siella, naturally, likes to add a little unique flair to her S’mores with slices of banana and peanut butter and of course, being the thoughtful little girl that she is…she usually makes her interesting S’mores for everyone. In typical Ryder fashion…he likes to be daring and create towering triple-layer S’mores with as much chocolate as possible.

On August 10, National S’mores Day, HERSHEY’S is taking the fun light-hearted experience of making S’mores global! hey are inviting the world to join in on the Olympic Movement by creating a meaningful, shared moment of connection with Team USA, family and friends by sending ‘hello’s’ from home. HERSHEY’S chocolate is truly “America’s chocolate” so it serves as a symbol of home for our athletes when they’re in Rio. After all, these US Olympic athletes are everyday teenagers and young adults with friends, family and fans at home. These are the people the athletes miss the most and they are the ones who have supported them and encouraged them along the way to achieving their Olympic dreams!

We are talking our Team USA pride one step further by participating in the HERSHEY’S “Hello from Home” campaign, which allows friends, family and fans to connect with Olympic athletes by submitting handwritten notes or messages via social media. Ryder, Siella and Gemma will be dedicating a S’more to their favorite athletes at The Games and writing their own messages a HERSHEY’S chocolate wrapper!


Ryder is sending a letter to his favorite athlete, 2012 U.S. gold-medalist wrestler Jordan Burroughs. Siella is sending a personal note to U.S. Paralympic gold-medalist Mallory Weggmann and Gemma is writing hers to the amazingly talented 19-year-old gymnast Simone Biles. We are so excited to watch the games this summer and even more excited to participate in HERSHEY’S Olympic Movement on National S’mores Day!


I am thrilled to have partnered with HERSHEY’S as we celebrate Team USA at The Games and National S’mores Day! I’m also excited to offer the chance to win a HERSHEY’S S’mores Kit with a S’mores Maker, marshmallows, graham crackers, and three recipe cards!

To enter: I would love to see your spirit and messages of support by tweeting “GO @TeamUSA! #HelloFromHome xo @Hershey’s”

I’ll be choosing one of your tweets by 15th! 

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25 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Is”

  1. We’ve been buying the USA themed Hersheys items over the last month and love them! We use our fire pit all year round and August 10th and the Olympics are perfect celebrations too!

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  3. Oh s’mores. We haven’t made those in such a long time. they look and sound so good right now. Would love to do a family night and make some!

  4. You and your children all seem to have a good time with Hersheys and those smores! Its been raining a lot where I am so we’d have to hold off with having smores. Hoping for some sunshine soon!

  5. Oh fun! We always made smores as a kid in the evenings at our swim club. I think my kids have only made them once! It’s so nice to bring our own childhood traditions into our homes.

  6. It’s important to make summers memorable because that’s the time of the year wherein you have so many chances to make memories and to spend quality time with the whole family. It’s really nice that you’re making this a family tradition, no summer is ever complete without s’mores and what better way to make them than with a Hershey’s bar!

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