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Taking Rowing to the Next Level

The CITYROW Go Max takes at-home rowing to an entirely new level. I’m a big fan of rowing. I consider it one of the best whole-body workouts you can do. Sure, there are some great bike machines out there. There are tons of treadmills and steppers, too. Rowing is a whole-body workout each and every time you get on it, and that’s what I love so much about it.

Comparing Machines

I don’t have a lot of time when it comes to working out, so I need a workout that hits everything fast and hard, and that’s what I get when I row. It’s cardio and strength training all in one. Every single muscle in my body is used, and when I’m done, I can feel it.

Why You’ll Like It

CITYROW Go Max takes rowing to an entirely new place, and if you love rowing, you’re going to love where it takes you. I’ve been seriously impressed with this machine, and so has my body. This rower is like nothing else I’ve ever used. To begin with, it actually feels like rowing! It uses water resistance designed by WaterRower, the industry leader in water resistance. It seriously feels like your on the water. From the way the resistance changes as if you’re rowing through the water to the actual feel of the handles in your hands, it’s extremely authentic.

It’s also convenient because it folds up for easy storage. I love that. We have a house now, but for years we lived only in an apartment in NYC, where space is at a premium. Although we have plenty of space now, I’ll never lose that desire to keep everything stowed away, and the CITYROW Go Max makes that possible.


This thing is also tech-heavy, which I love. It features a big, 19.5-inch fully-HD touchscreen that’s sweatproof. And trust me, you will sweat when you use this rower. It also offers an adjustable viewing angle for use on or off the rower along with high-fidelity sound and Bluetooth connection if you want to enjoy your workout but no one else in the house does.

All of the above alone is enough to make rowing so much more fun and effective than ever before, but the CITYROW Go Max didn’t stop there. It also offers fantastic classes that will push you to be the best you can be from the best of the best. Industry powerhouses like Annie Mulgrew, Shaun Tubbs, King Hancock, and Shea MacAdoo will take you on a workout journey that will leave you feeling spent in the best way possible by the end of it all.

Finally, this impressive machine is delivered directly to you fully assembled, so there’s no need to try to decipher complicated assembly instructions. Just pull it in and set it up. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

If you’re a fan of whole-body workouts that save time and still push you to your limit, then the CITYROW Go Max is the rower for you. It’s perfect for workouts that give you everything you need with one simple-to-use machine. I love it, and I think you will, too. Use code: BRIANNE400 for $400 off the CITYROW Go Max!

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23 thoughts on “Taking Rowing to the Next Level”

  1. I used to love rowing! It made me feel powerful. Haven’t done it in a while though because I don’t go to the gym, but it was always an amazing workout.

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