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Christmas Feels with Crest and Wish of a Lifetime

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Christmas feels are in the air! Every year, when the holiday season rolls around, Christmas specials fill the TV, Christmas songs fill the airwaves and Christmas feels fill our hearts. To quote the song, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” It’s a time of year when everyone is just a little more joyful, a little more apt to smile at a passerby rather than just ignore them. Here in New York, that feeling is palpable. We wait for the big tree, we look at the lights and truly get into the holiday spirit. 

This year, Crest is getting in on the Christmas feels too. Working with Wish of a Lifetime, a non-profit organization that grants wishes for seniors across the country, Crest fulfilled the lifelong dream of Bertha Nunn, an 86-year-old former corrections officer and teacher’s assistant, who always wanted to act in TV commercials. You can see her in the holiday spot, in which she has a little fun with Santa, himself.

Speaking of Christmas feels, this video gives me all of them. At 86 years old, Bertha was able to live her dream! It’s true what they say–dreams can come true at any age. When I watch this, I am reminded that perseverance, dedication, and belief can help you achieve all your goals. This video is also a great reminder that doing good is really what this season is all about. We can all do little things like open the door for someone or pay for the person in line behind us at Starbucks to help spread the joy this holiday season – and beyond.

I hope Bertha’s video made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Let’s help keep the Christmas feels going. Please share this video across all your social media platforms to help spread the holiday cheer and Christmas feels this season. Happy Holidays!

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14 thoughts on “Christmas Feels with Crest and Wish of a Lifetime”

  1. I love it when other companies give back. It’s so great of them. I actually use Crest myself, so I’m really happy to hear this.

  2. i love when a company gives back. great job crest! it’s my preferred brand of toothpaste so that’s awesome.

  3. Bertha is a natural! I love her warm smile and she definitely motivated me not to lose hope. She achieved her dream, no matter how long it took, and she was patient enough to wait for it.

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