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Top 10 Books For Mom’s In December

December is a wonderful time of year to get cozy by the tree with a great book. I love catching up on my reading during the holidays but I also love gifting books during the holidays. I’ve roundup up a great sectional for this fun filled month that range from mystery to a reader friendly wine guide! Hehe!

This survival guide to flying with kids is just what every mom/parent needs this holiday season. As if traveling during the holidays isnt crazy enough, adding some kids into the mix and the journey definitely becomes Fight or Flight! Haha!
An important story about two women who though come from very different backgrounds of race and privilege. Together they redefine the meaning of family and their futures..
A true page turning mystery. Aoife is on the quest to find out who murdered her brother Theo and why her mother is in the hospital. She is determined to find answers to her biggest questions. about the secrets her family keeps.
llya is a thrilled exchange student from Russian living in Louisiana. But a year into her American experience what he left behind in Russia grows heavy for him. Including his brother Vladimir who was wrongfully imprisoned. With the help of his host family, IIya begins to piece together the cases timeline in hopes of proving his brothers innocence.
This story about sacrifice and courage takes place during the Nazi regime in Germany and France. Follow three brave women was they navigate survival during this dark period of time.
Lori Gottlieb is use to being the clinician! She’s a succesful therapist with her own practice in Los Angeles. Until her own world comes crashing down, and becomes the patient herself. The questions and troubles her own patients bring to her, she’s bringing to her own therapist!
This debut story follows three generations of Palestinian-American women as they navigate their Arabic culture and traditions in a progressive America.
Mother Daughter relationships can sometimes be tricky. Morgan and Clara are having a difficult time coexisting within their strong differences. Morgan doesnt want Clara to follow in her footsteps, but sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Will tragedy bring them closer together?
Hilary Topper discusses how important the branding of your business reflects potential success in today’s modern digital era. She provides the reader with a step by step process to get the results one desires.
The holiday season means a bit more wine than usual! This reader friendly guide to the world of wine is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life!

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Books For Mom’s In December”

  1. Oh these sound great. I’m beginning a new reading challenge next year and I’ll need a couple of books to start off with in January!

  2. These sound like some great books. I’m always on the look out for some good books to read. I haven’t been reading lately, but I’d love to get back to it.

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