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Childproofing Our Home

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When I first had Ryder I was able to watch his every move at home and I never thought much about childproofing or child safety in my apartment. We don’t have stairs and the kitchen is pretty contained so we easily blocked it with a gate when he started crawling and walking—other than a few outlet caps. And we wound up getting rid of our glass coffee table, still never replacing it. But along came Siella then Gemma and I realized I couldn’t keep my eyes on all of them at all times so I had to modify a few things.

Childproofing Your HomeChildproofing Your Home

Those early days of motherhood and childproofing our home may seem like ancient history since my youngest, Gemma, will be five-years-old in March but a recent visit with our little cousins proved that childproofing and safety is still important. I didn’t realize how dangerous our apartment is for babies!

We spend so much time with our little cousins Emilia who is three-years-old and very curious, and baby John, who is almost 7-months-old. He just starting to crawl and get himself into all sorts of mischief, so it is mandatory that I think of their safety. And it’s not just visiting relatives we have to worry about, plenty of Gemma’s little friends have younger siblings that often tag along on play dates. I would be horrified if one of those little munchkins got into something and hurt themselves.

Childproofing Your HomeChildproofing Your Home

I know it seems funny for me to be so focused on child-safety but the dangers of my apartment became quite clear to me when baby John crawled over to our media center, pulled out all our CDs and DVDs and started chomping away on them. We accidentally left the doors open and were a little distracted chatting with the bigger kids so we didn’t hear him work his way over to the cabinet at first—but we did hear a stack of DVDs come cascading out. Of course he loved it but it could have been a dangerous situation.

I was so happy that I had already installed Safe Lock® on all of the cabinets! I just clicked the switch and closed the doors. John wasn’t thrilled that his discovery mission met an abrupt end but I was able to rest assured he wouldn’t get hurt on anything.

Childproofing Your Home Childproofing Your Home Childproofing Your Home

Mayapple Baby® is an innovative baby products company based in Brooklyn, NY and they just launched Safe Lock®, which is new child safety product with a patent-pending magnetic cabinet lock from Roving Cove®. The Safe Locks are installed (discreetly) inside your cabinets and strongly secure the doors shut. The magnets are able to penetrate 1.5 inches of solid wood and have an easy one-handed operated Ring Key that slips over your finger with a powerful magnet inside that disengages the lock so you can open each door. The ring makes it easy to unlock the door with one hand—because, honestly, when do moms ever have two hands free for anything?

Childproofing Your Home

Besides installing with the pre-applied tape, Safe Lock also has the option to screw on to your cabinet door.

Childproofing Your HomeInstallation and operation is so easy, Safe Lock® is the first only child safety lock that uses the Patent-pending Starter Tape™ system so you can adjust and install the locks without templates. The high-performance acrylic 3M Tape sticks and actually stays put.

There is also an on/off switch so you can leave the cabinets unlocked when your home is little-kid-free. This helps when I am cooking because I don’t have to worry about unlocking each cabinet, but even if I have to, the one-handed magnetic Ring Key is a cinch (and it sticks to the refrigerator so I always know where it is). The Mayapple Baby Roving Cove® magnetic cabinet locks are available on Amazon and come in a set with 8 locks and 2 Ring Keys in ivory white or a really sleek blue color.

Childproofing Your Home

There is no excuse not to childproof your home when the whole process is this easy and I am making it even easier with a fun giveaway!!!

To enter you just have to like MayappleBaby’s Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter, and leave a comment below!

1st prize: $100+value in product (including 2 safe locks)

2nd prize for 20 people: 33% off coupon code on Amazon for Safe lock (if you post a
review of the product on Amazon MayappleBaby will send you a Suri the Octopus set of 3 silicone teethers!)

Good Luck! 


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24 thoughts on “Childproofing Our Home”

  1. You bring me back to when my son was little! I think our worry was an end table. But as much as you protect, there are still walls they can run into, trust me, that scared us!

  2. I had thought we were well past those years too. But you bring up a good point. We have so many little ones coming in and out of the house. Totally need to rethink the baby proofing of our home.

  3. I remember the days of trying to childproof our home, it’s so tedious sometimes. There’s a lot to think about and it’s like you don’t realize that until you become a parent. Glad for products that help parents be more child-friendly in their home, it helps alleviate parental stress and worry I am sure!

  4. Those safe locks sound super practical. We had to screw little plastic latches into our cabinets and my niece still found a way to snake her little hands in there to get them open.

  5. Kelly Hutchinson

    Love how discrete this Safe Lock is. It’s so important to baby-proof your room but keeping decor and general aesthetic in-mind is also important to any homeowner!

  6. Child proofing is something I’ve had to do for the last 14 years. It’s kind of second nature now. We love magnetic locks and cupboard locks to keep them out of everything in the kitchen!

  7. Man I wish these magnet locks were around when our kids were explorers! Our cabinet doors we filled with screw holes and had to be replaced once they were old enough to not be getting into the cupboards!

  8. Looks like a product I’ll be telling my friend about – she just had her first baby last month. I followed/liked on Facebook and Twitter.

  9. I felt the same way when I gave birth to my eldest and then the second and third came and it was all too crazy. It’s really important that you childproof all corners of your home. Love these little tools!

  10. Annemarie LeBlanc

    We’ve always made sure we installed baby proofing devices in the home. Accidents can be prevented if we avoid hazards. Children are curious little humans and we don’t want them poking their fingers or going into places that may cause them harm.

  11. I dont have kids but I know kids get into everything. The more the grow the more curious they get so childproofing is a must.

  12. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    It’s been a long time since we last had to child proof the house! I think this is awesome and definitely a must have for parents with babies or toddlers!

  13. OMG I absolutely love this it’s amazing I have been dying to have a stroller since I have my baby a few months ago carding him around in the car seat has gotten to be way too hard thank you so much for chance love the Facebook page so obviously I liked shared I just love everything you’re so generous and kind and this would be an amazing gift thank you so much for chance and have an amazing Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I have used a similar magnetic lock in the past. The installation was challenging and I was so afraid I was going to loose the magnet. The concept was great but flawed. Your product seems to have improved on this incredible idea. Having the magnet on a ring is genius!

  15. Following on Facebook and Twitter. I love the unique magnetic locks, and with two toddlers in my home, we can never have enough locked cabinets! They get into everything

  16. Lacey Owczarzak

    With our newest little born on February 27th…I feel like my hands are always full and my attention is constantly divided. These could help ease my mind that our home is safe for our adventurous toddler. I want him to play and explore with freedom.

    Liked and followed.

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