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Changing The Time

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It’s only natural that during the summertime, the kids tend to get off their schedules. Bedtimes are later, and they are getting accustomed to sleeping later. Camp has ended, and I almost feel like it’s one big free for all, as our days are now filled with lots of random activities. As much as I love these dogs days of summertime, I know we are in for a rude awakening, once we transition into the school season.

Since Ryder is still perfecting his telling time skills, I thought it would be a good idea to not only teach them about telling time, but also show them just exactly what each hour means to them. For example, when the clock hits 8am, we need to leave for school and if we don’t they will become late. In an effort to reinforce these pertinent time slots, I decided to turn to Flik Flak, part of the Swatch family, to help us along the way.
Learning To Tell Time With Flik Flak Learning To Tell Time With Flik Flak

Flik Flak is designed to be more than just a simple children’s watch. It’s the first ever brand of children’s watch to introduce the concept of teaching the time, and allowing the learning experience to be transformed into something amusing for children.

Learning To Tell Time With Flik Flak Learning To Tell Time With Flik Flak

When ordering the Flik Flak watches for the kids, I also received a fun interactive clock, which allows kids to place stickers near the times they are expected to compete chores, like taking a bath or packing their school bag. Flik is the long hand, Flak is the short. This game turned into a really productive session in our house, because adding the picture component to time telling made it easier for the kids to understand. Also included in our package were mini clocks with stickers, so they can each have their own separate clocks, which will come in handy for all their upcoming after school activities.

Learning To Tell Time With Flik Flak

Flik Flak makes it easy to pick out watches for the kids, because they group their collection by age. For Ryder, I choose the “Get It In Blue” style, which features a white chronograph bezel, shock resistance and 3 bar water resistance. Siella was over the moon when she saw the Hello Kitty Cupido pink watch. The sky is pink, the fluffy clouds are white with raindrops on the horizon in shimmering blue gemstones. Color-coding makes time telling an absolute dream, round the clock. For Gemma, I choose the Magical Unicorns, with an enchanted forest face, for ages 3 and up.

Learning To Tell Time With Flik Flak Learning To Tell Time With Flik Flak Learning To Tell Time With Flik Flak

I can honestly say, I feel really good about what is ahead for us. Ryder really took to the cardboard clock, and the girls are starting to comprehend when it’s time for chores. I am confident with their Flik Flak watches and their new interactive clocks, they will be telling time in no time. Maybe they will finally understand what I mean when I say “it’s past your bed time.” Or, maybe not!

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