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Healthy Habits With SunStar Gum {&Twitter Party}

It’s about that time during summer, when I take the kids for their check ups, to prepare all of their health documents for the start of the new school season. Fortunately, a trip to the dentist is welcomed by all. Our neighborhood dentist is an absolute dream, and she makes cleanings super fun, putting on a little production for the kids, each and every time.

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Before they get into the chair, we wait in her decked out playroom. The kids ride on toy cars, play chef in a kitchen, read books, and build castles and spaceships. When they are settled in and ready for a cleaning, the kids pick out their favorite flavor fluoride, and a show to watch during their exam. The staff offers them sunglasses to block the bright light and protect their tiny eyes. At the end of the cleaning, they receive a special goody bag. It’s a win for everyone, and my kids sit through their entire appointment, stoked about the idea of  a prize in the end.


While the kids play with their new goodies, the doctor and I discuss habits at home. On her recommend, Ryder will likely need braces by next year, and she encourages tips for getting youngsters to start flossing, as this is the one thing we struggle with.


I’m psyched to be teaming up with SunStar Gum to talk about kid healthy oral hygiene habits. Good oral hygiene habits early in life can lead to lifelong oral health, and caring for these little teeth is an essential foundation when the permanent teeth start emerging.

Join us next Tuesday, August 18th 7pm-8PM for a fun twitter chat with great prizes! Be sure to follow along myself @strollerincity, @MrDad, and @SunStarGum #WarmSmiles



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