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Books Your Kids Need to Read This Month

August is here! This summer is truly flying by. My kids have been enjoying sitting on our swinging chairs outside and reading time this summer. Reading is such nice way to take a break from the day and use our imaginations. We have so many great books we’ve added to our bookshelves this month and I am so excited to share them with you all!

With the Olympics happening, this is the perfect book for your kids to read right now! It’s all about the inspiring female atheletes and their stories of everything they overcame in order to live their dreams.
This is an adorable sticker by numbers book that helps to encourage young girls to live their dreams. I love that it’s interactive and has so much information on inspirational women.
This is a great page turner for young adult girls! It’s a story about sisters who have nothing in common except for their love for running. When they befriend the new girl and she goes missing, everyone turns to the sisters to figure out what happened.
How cute is this book?! Kalamata has an amazing imagination where she goes to a magical land with tasty ingredients and faces her fear of starting school with nobody she knows. This picture book shows children that it’s good to try new things and find comfort in the things we enjoy.
This is another great book to teach kids about The Summer Olympics! It goes into The Summer Olympics history from the very beginning and talks about the athletes.
This sweet children’s book is all about learning how to love yourself! Luna learns all about kindness and sharing, which are great lessons.
This might be one the cutest books we’ve ever read! It’s all about how no two families look the same and how love is truly what makes a home.
This book is great for both parents and kids! It shows us how great it is to open our minds and see things the way they really are.
Told in musical verse, this story shows us what it’s like to be a princess who longs to do the things she wants to do, rather than everything she is told to do. She must find her destiny outside the palace to be truly happy.
The sweetest book that ever existed is here! Your kids can read all about how great it is to be different from a little chick who has a mom that is a cat.
The Kudo Kids go to Tokyo for The Olympics! Olympifan has everyone searching for virtual medals and clues to figure out which mysterious former medalist is behind this. This is a perfect read for middle school aged kids!
I love the meaning behind this picture book! Beauty lies within everyone and in the world all around us. It’s important to never lose our inner child.
A hilarious children’s book about friendship, fate and a silly feeling you get when something feels off. With suspense and futuristic visions, this book is fun for all ages!
While this isn’t a traditional book, as it’s a recipe book, I thought I’d include it because it gets your children to use their imagination and get creative in the kitchen! It has over 40 recipes inspired by the films.
Ella is bullied about her weight and feels as though the pool is her safe place, where she feels weightless. She hopes to starfish into real life and leave “society’s rules” behind. This is a great story to teach children to be comfortable in their bodies and do what makes them happy.

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20 thoughts on “Books Your Kids Need to Read This Month”

  1. These books are so important for our children. They deliver powerful messages that every child needs to learn sooner rather than later.

  2. These are all nice titles. I love children’s books because they are so joyous to read. I like to have a copy of Luna Finds Love Everywhere though because it seems relevant to the current social issues.

  3. I’ll be sharing it with my cousin. She is looking for something that my niece can do aside from watching and playing with her iPad. I suggested letting her do some activities like painting and reading. These books would be a great choice for her.

  4. Fabulous suggestions. These are all excellent. I hope to one day see my own book among a list of books kids should read! That’s the dream.

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