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Bohemian Adventures With Maxi Cosi

Every weekend or any time off, my family and I usually expedite on some sort of adventure. It could be something simple like a trip to the beach or more action packed like a weekend getaway. Truth be told we are never home with nothing to do. I love traveling with my children and watching them experience something for the first time like a new ride at an amusement park, to petting a hermit crab at music class, to seeing a new country like our recent trip to Turks and Caicos. They are very lucky and I am forever grateful for all that we are able to do.


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Since we are always on the go, our family relies greatly on the proper baby gear to help us out along the way. We need a lightweight stroller that can fold up easily and quickly and for day trips, carseats that are not only safe but comfy for the kids.

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I have to say I’m sort of in love with the new Maxi Cosi Bohemian Blue Collection. We are currently using the Maxi Cosi Kaia stroller along with the Pria 70 Convertible carseat. I just can’t get enough of the color palette on this new fashion fabric collection. The bright colors fit right in with our lifestyle, our love for the beach, my love of bohemian chic, and is a travel system fit for my tribe and our travel plans. The new Bohemian Blue Collection is an absolute show stopper, and no matter where we go, I am constantly getting questioned about the luxe fabric. The fabric colors are just so fun, happy, and fashionable.

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We had a jam-packed weekend starting off with a visit to the beach. I think our family could possible live there. The beach for us is a place where the entire clan is happy not its nothing but joy when we are there. Sunday afternoon we spent the day at Prospect Park, Siella’s friend had a birthday party there. We’ve been there before, but never discovered the Peninsula area, something I am told is a hidden secret with the locals…shhh. In the middle of the park lies a lake that makes you second guess if you are still in NYC, it was incredible. Overall, it was amazing that definitely went by too quickly. Here’s a clip recapping our escapades, with the Bohemian Blue Collection by Maxi Cosi and how it fits into our lives. I hope my children remember these special memories we are making.

Happy Monday friends, wishing you all had a glorious week!


This post was a sponsored post via Maxi Cosi.


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