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UPPAbaby Stroller’s New Hub

I’ve been talking about this for years, how us mama’s in New York City need a place to go to spruce up our strollers. After all, we are walking through the streets of Manhattan through rain, snow, and sleet giving our so-called vehicles of transportation with very little TLC. I actually miss not having a stroller anymore, it’s actually harder going grocery shopping now that I can no longer put items underneath. Or if we head to the park and the kids want to bring their toys along, it’s usually me lugging the big bag. As you know my family and I have always been huge UPPAbaby fans, and I’m excited to share that they are bringing service to a whole new level with the arrival of the UPPAbaby Stroller HUB in Brooklyn. 

UPPAbaby Stroller Hub in Brooklyn

UPPABaby Stroller Hub

With a mission of providing products and services to help guide parents through all stages of parenthood, the UPPABaby stroller HUB is an industry first service center and reinforces UPPAbaby’s commitment to consumer excellence. Located in the Cobble Hill neighborhood, the HUB is a unique, one-stop destination offering complimentary stroller maintenance, car seat checks, warranty service, and more to keep families strolling happily and safely. 

UPPAbaby Stroller HUB technician working on stroller

The HUB has an UPPAbaby Tech Team on-site to walk guests through the latest products, coordinate test drives, share helpful cleaning tips and tricks, and provide gear recommendations to suit families’ needs and lifestyles. In addition to complimentary stroller maintenance service, the HUB will offer minor repairs and on-the-spot product assessment and warranty claim support. Amenities offered at the HUB, include:

  • UPPAbaby Stroller Maintenance + Minor Repairs
  • Car Seat Checks
  • Fabric Steam Clean
  • Wheel Wash
  • Replacement Parts and Fabrics
  • Warranty Claims and Support

Lobby of UPPABaby Stroller HUB in Brooklyn

This HUB is going to be a game changer for us NYC parents and I so wish it were around when I was toting my three kiddies around town in our UPPAbaby Stroller! To learn more about the HUB, services available or to book a service appointment, please visit www.uppababy.com/BrooklynHUB.


UPPAbaby fans, I'm excited to share that they are bringing service to a whole new level with the UPPAbaby Stroller HUB in Brooklyn. 

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22 thoughts on “UPPAbaby Stroller’s New Hub”

  1. This seems like a great resource to NYC parents. I know my good friend would have found this to be invaluable had it been around when she was raising her little one out there.

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    This is so nice. I love that they do this to ensure the safety of our little ones. Car seat checks are very important! I wish they had this in more places!

  3. That is a stroller for cruising with style! Safety is always first when it comes to the little one!

  4. Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    You can never be too careful when it comes to car safety. So glad people take checking their equipment seriously.

  5. Amy Desrosiers

    This is the coolest service ever!! I had no idea they had places like this! Love the concept!

  6. That stroller is so cute! Safety is so important for the little ones but you can’t beat a little style while at it!

  7. Okay wow! We totally need one of these in Lancaster! It’s so hard to keep strollers in good shape with a toddler!

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  9. Any clue what’s included in the free maintenance or is it just a way for them to upsell you on replacement parts?

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