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Stroller Review: Bohemian Style with Maxi Cosi

I’ve always been a creature of form over function, especially when it comes to fashion and my wardrobe. I am that girl who prefers the pretty sandal with zero support, than the not so pretty comfortable shoes. Or the beautiful blanket that doesn’t keep you warm. Or the heavy leather diaper bag with the no pockets, so everything is hard to find. That’s just me and my crazy fashion personality, but I have to say my priorities have of course shifted since having children. For them, it has to be top of line products I trust and that are safe and comfortable for them.


I was totally stoked to see that Maxi Cosi recently came out with a Bohemian Blue Collection which includes their Mico AP infant Seat, Pria 70 Convertible Seat, and Kaia Stroller. The Bohemian Blue Collection is inspired by hand-crafted items with a focus on tactile fabrics, playful color, and authentic patterns. Maxi Cosi is a brand I trust when it comes to safety. Gemma has been in the Mico AP infant carseat for the past 12 months and now in their Pria 70 Convertible. I couldn’t be happier with both seats on their high-quality and safety technology.



The Mico AP Infant Carseat and the Kaia Stroller also act as a travel system, you can move your baby from car to stroller and back again in a flash without even waking them! It’s easier on your baby especially when you’re out and about on daily trips. I am so happy to be working with Maxi Cosi on this launch because I feel the first time ever a brand that produces an important must-have item(s) in the baby gear world; has created something that is not only is pretty, but functional. Childhood is a beautiful thing, and I just love how they incorporated such colorful luxe fabrics that are playful into something every parent uses on a daily basis.


 This collection has inspired my boho-chic fashion style, I thought I put together some fun finds. I am looking forward to rocking my Bohemian style this summer with Maxi Cosi


This post was a sponsored post via Maxi Cosi. 


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