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The Birthday Princess {& Giveaway}

As you know, Gemma turned four last month. I’m still in shock that our baby of the family is already such a big girl. We celebrated with a party filled with her little school friends, themed by rainbows and unicorns, and since our Disney World trip, she has been all about princesses. Her favorites recently have been Ariel and Cinderella, and the daily dress up routines with her and her big sis are an absolute riot. She claims to want to be a princess and a doctor when she grows up, so she’s set her little bar high!

To cater to her princess obsession, I wanted a gift that would knock her socks off, so we surprised her with Dynacraft’s Disney Princess Carriage. While visiting friends in the fall, their daughter had the same carriage, which Gemma rode in the entire day. On her birthday morning, she was super excited to see the massive box, and I could tell Siella was happy too, because she would be sitting shot gun in the hot pink ride!

Since we live in an apartment, this 24 volt carriage will live at my parents house, awaiting its princesses’ weekend visits. My dad and Jason put it together for the girls that afternoon, while the girls waited patiently in anticipation. The battery takes 18 hours to charge, so we charged it the night before to have it standing by for its first use.

The beautiful pink carriage sports graphics of her favorite Disney Princesses, gold accents, working doors and pretty ornate interior details. The coach is large enough for two little passengers, featuring a detachable “wear and share” tiara, heart-shaped steering wheel and frilly curtains. The girls loved the little touches of the magical light-up wand and enchanting fairy tale sounds. Compared to other ride along kids’ cars we’ve had over the years, the details of this carriage have been taken into careful consideration.

The carriage features two different speeds, in the forward and the reverse positions, cruising up to 5 mph. Siella spent most of the time behind the wheel, while chauffeuring Gemmie around. They spent hours rolling around yard and the neighborhood, and even when they weren’t on the move, they used the carriage to stage plenty of princess play.

My girls have enjoyed plenty of weekends playing in their carriage, and I’d love to tell you how you can win your very own Disney Princess Carriage from Dynacraft! From April 24th to May 7th, create your own 15 second video with your child or children describing “What does it mean to be a Princess,” and submit your video HERE! Check out this sweet video below for some ideas of what a princess means these children!

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12 thoughts on “The Birthday Princess {& Giveaway}”

  1. It’s about time somebody came out with a carriage for the little princesses in the family. All I had ever seen before for little girls was the Barbie sports car. This is a big improvement if you ask me. Not all little girls want to drive sports cars. They like to be treated like princesses and ride around in a carriage!

  2. Oh my the Dynacraft’s Disney Princess Carriage is amazing. I know two little girls that would love to get one of these for their birthday.

  3. Elizabeth Lampman

    This is a great giveaway. I have never seen anything like the Dynacraft’s Disney Princess Carriage before. My Daughters would love it.

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