My Mother’s Day Mantra: Move It!

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Mother’s Day for me, and for most moms I know, is celebrated with spa days, brunch and a relaxing afternoon lounging about. And while I am VERY into all of those things, I also want to make an effort to show my kids that being active and healthy truly is the best way to embrace life. This year we are spending Mother’s Day celebrating our strength by moving our bodies and climbing and scooting all around. (of course, brunch will be involved, too.)

As a mom, and especially as a woman, it is important to create a routine of physical activity for me, but also for my girls. I don’t want my girls to see me as a busy working mom who crashes at the end of the week and spends quality time with them doing sedentary activities. It isn’t the example I want to set. I love my movie nights with the kiddos, but I also need to experience life with them in other ways—like hiking, working out, riding bikes or scooting. Physical health and resilience is everything. It is our power-source. We are happier when we’re moving and better equipped to take on life when we’re physically strong and agile.

I have been a huge fan of Athleta for years and recently I partnered with them to raise awareness and shine a light on the importance of physical activity for girls! My girls are involved in sports and dance and we take every opportunity to stay healthy and active. I love doing yoga and exercising together, but I want to be out in the world, too! On our recent girls’ day, we took advantage of our beautiful waterfront and scooted to brunch together.

Athleta has been providing premium and quality apparel that fits all women’s and girls’ bodies and needs. Athleta Girl offers the next generation high quality, comfortable and versatile apparel that can take my kiddos from school to sports and dance to play. Another amazing detail about Athleta that I absolutely LOVE is their commitment to the environment. In 2019, 46% of the fabrics they used were made from sustainable fibers! When a brand I love makes a positive impact, I am in!

This Mother’s Day I encourage…no I challenge you to step outside of the comfort zone and get moving with your Athleta girls! Go for a run with them or take a yoga class. Hop on your bikes and peddle to brunch. Make the whole weekend about getting moving together and spending the kind of quality time with them that is beneficial to not only your mind but your body.

When my girls see a fearless mom, who values physical strength and endurance they realize the Power of Limitless Potential! I want my girls to know women can be strong emotionally, mentally and physically. I want them to realize the #PowerofShe! And of course, it helps to be outfitted in the best, highest quality apparel while we’re out there killing it! Athleta for mom and Athleta Girl for Siella and Gemma. Just keep saying the Athleta Girl Mantra to yourself and believe it!

Before anything else, we’re girls.

Girls who jump high and shine bright.

Girls who dream crazy big.

Girls who learn that we can do everything we put our minds to.

Girls who would do anything for our friends, our squad, our tribe.

We’re bold, brilliant and a thousand times awesome.

We’ll grow up, but we’ll never grow out of it.

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8 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day Mantra: Move It!”

  1. That’s so true, moms influence their children’s outlook on life. When they remember how you spent time with them, they will want to do the same with their kids when they are older.

  2. When your kids grow up, you’re all over the place for Mother’s Day. I have two invites at two different times on Sunday, and one today. It’s going to be a busy, glorious weekend.

  3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I am glad that you are raising your daughters to be strong women. Setting the example yourself, that is the best way to do it. Young children look up to their parents as their role models and you are doing a great job with that.

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