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Most people know Heifer International for their animal gifting program, but they also do critical, impactful work to support and empower women. They believe that women have limitless potential, but limited opportunity and equip and empower marginalized women with resources and training as a means to sustainable livelihoods and community leadership positions.

This spring, Heifer wants to focus on igniting a global community of women, because they believe that behind every great woman is another one. And that when women come together and support one another, we all rise. Heifer International has created a microsite where you can take a quiz to identify your tribe personality (The Ally, The Den Mother, The Entrepreneur, The Artist — my result was The Den Mother!), share stories about women who have stood behind you, and make a donation to support women’s empowerment.

Today I wanted to take a moment and dedicate this post all the women in my life and make a donation to The Den Mother and send a child to school! Den Mothers around the world care for others and set them up for success. Nothing helps a young girl achieve her dreams more than an education. Heifer International provides a family with training and livestock so they can earn the income needed to pay for their daughter’s school fees and supplies. When you send a girl to school with your donation, this gift empowers girls and young women through education, equips them with books, paper and other learning materials, and provides for their tuition and other school expenses!

To learn more about Heifer’s women’s empowerment efforts, check out heifer.org/joinhertribe. I would love all of my women readers to share about an incredible woman today!


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