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Binge Worthy TV Shows

With all of us continuing to spend most of our time at home, We are all watching more tv than ever. Film sets have been able to resume and continue providing us with great characters and stories. American’s are also binging more than ever. In the midst of winter and not a whole lot of outdoor activities available, weekends are filled with our favorite new shows. I’ve gathered a must watch list with shows who have quickly become household names and favorites.


Bridgerton – This show has quickly become a household name. Everyone seems to be talking about Shonda Rhimes latest hit. Set in the competitive Regency era of London, we follow the Bridgerton and Featherington families. Filled with romance, drama, high society ways, and fashion, this show easily sucks you in making it very binge worthy.

Bling Empire – Think Crazy Rich Asian’s but real life. This reality show follows along the lives of the ultra wealthy Asian heirs living in Los Angeles. Each cast member offers their own perspective and story line in what it means to be the 1%. The drama is minimal allowing this reality show to be all about fashion, jewels, cars, and gorgeous parties. An easy watch when WFH.

Dream Home Makeover with Studio Mcgee – Dream Home Makeover is back for season 2. If you’re needing some home inspo, this is a must watch. Follow along as Shea & Syd McGee from Studio McGee help transform average homes to dream homes. I have loved the McGee’s aesthetic for a long time.  I’m also thrilled that they launched a line with target giving all Americans access to their gorgeous designs.

Night Stalker – I watch a lot of crime shows and documentaries but this was the first to actually leave me terrified. Get to know the 1980’s case of the Night Stalker. Known for his home invasion crime spree where he terrorized Los Angeles and San Francisco residents for months. This is the epitome of serial killer docu-series. Not for the faint at heart.

Bridge & Tunnel – This is a great watch for everyone but especially New Yorkers. Set in the 80’s follow along a group of friends from Long Island as they start to think about whats next for each of their lives. At what cost does pursuing your dreams in Manhattan come with? Viewer’s quickly fall in love with the characters and it easy to root them all on.

The Queen’s Gambit – If you still haven’t watched The Queen’s Gambit, you must start it ASAP! This was such a great watch. Unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. Follow orphan Beth Harmon as she takes on the chess world. Through dedication she may find success, but her past still has a way of showing up in her habits and lifestyle. I also loved that it was set in 50’s, offering great fashion and decor!

The Crown – The Crown has been around awhile but I still know people who are just recently starting it. This historical series follows the history for Queen Elizabeth’s reign and the events that shaped the second half of the twentieth century. There were so many events and family story lines, I never knew about. It’s a long series with many story lines that unfold, so plenty of episodes to binge watch.

Lupin – For foreign tv show, Lupin has quickly become one of Netflix’s must watched shows. When Lupin’s father, an immigrant from Senegal is framed for the theft of a diamond necklace, sent to prison, and ultimately dies,  Lupin is left an orphan. 25 years later, now an adult, Lupin seeks revenge for his father and family. A great mystery thriller!

Our Planet – With all the craziness in the world, Our Planet offers relaxing and captivating imagery. Travel our planet while discovering mother nature and the animal kingdom. From the Arctic to the Amazon, this show is an amazing watch for the whole family.

Flight Attendant – This is such a great new series! When a flight attendant goes on a romantic date turned evening with a passenger, she is shocked to find his dead body in bed the next morning. The series unfolds as she tries to remember what might have happened, but she feels the pressure of authorities coming down on her. Kaley Cuoco has never played a role like this and I’m loving it.

All Creatures Great & Small – Set in 1930’s Yorkshire, follow along the adventures of a veterinarian and his staff. From his house staff, friends, and even the animals, this is a great family show that offers us a peaceful escape form our mundane.

Best Leftovers Ever – Who doesn’t love a family friendly cooking show? This show is unlike any other cooking show. Viewers will see chefs turn boring leftovers into the best meal ever! It’s so fun watching the contestants deconstruct leftovers into brand new meals. A great watch for the whole family.

Your Honor – What would you do if your son was involved in a hit and run? How far would you got to protect him and keep him safe? Follow New Orleans judge Michael Desiato, player by Bryan Cranston as he helps keep his sons accident a secret. Might be hard to do when the victim was the son of a local mafia kingpin.

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