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Netflix Fall Must Watch List

I have to admit, I have been literally escaping NYC via reading, movies, and shows this 2020 year. With travel very limited and home being the safest place to be, Netflix has helped me travel to far away places and stories. Whether you’re a movie buff or you love binging a great show, Netflix can’t be beat. I love that they have movies and shows for my whole family. Some nights we have family movie nights and some nights Jason and I watch alone. With the weather getting chilly and the holidays around the corner it’s the perfect time to grab some popcorn and get cozy on the couch with your loved ones.

Unsolved Mysteries – Originally aired in the late 80’s, Unsolved Mysteries is back. These documentary style episodes  of reenacts scenes to retell real life mysteries. From bizarre disappearances to unsolved murders, this series is so well done and will have you channeling your inner detective. I don’t think its possible to watch these stories and not try to put the pieces together. It will leave you thinking about them for days.

Ratched – Inspired by Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Ratched serves as a prequel to the novel. Ratched herself played by Sarah Paulson, takes us along this classic American psychological thriller. Mildred Ratched is a nurse in an asylum where bizarre and suspicious human experiments are being made. This is definitely the suspenseful show to binge this halloween season.

Enola Holmes – This is a great family movie and a fall must watch! The movie tells the story of Sherlock Holme’s younger sister Enola. When their mother disappears, Enola must use all the life skills her spunky and creative mother has taught her to survive in the big world. When Enola runs away in search of her mother, these skills are put to the test. It was a totally cute and entertaining movie.

Schitt’s Creek – If you haven’t heard, Schitts Creek is awesome and won the majority of this years Emmy nominations! After the Rose family loses their million dollar business, they’re forced to go from riches to rags. Viewers follow along this comedy series as the Roses adjust to their new town while living in its motel! Its so funny and such an easy watch! A great comedic relief. Last season now on Netflix.

American Murder – This is for all the crime junkies and not for the faint of heart. Not family friendly but because of the high profile national case, so many viewers have had curiosity for the details of this case. Viewers will get a glimpse into the real life videos of the events following the disappearance Shannan Watts and her to young girls. Investigators pressed her husband Chris Watts for her whereabouts as he continued to deny knowing anything. It’s a sad look into a monster.

Love On The Spectrum – This is the feel good heart warming show we are all needing in 2020. Viewers will follow along a group of Australians who have autism  and who are looking for love. It’s a great inside look to their joys and challenges of trying to connect with others for a long lasting companionship. Its incredibly eye opening and I found it to be such a great add to this falls must watch list.

Emily In Paris – This is a must watch!  Jason and I binged Emily In Paris and it was so fun. Follow Emily as she accepts a job opportunity in Paris and adjust to her new Parisian life with her new Parisian colleagues. This show is so dreamy. From the fashion, architecture, food, and of course the French, I truly felt like I had travelled to Paris.

Selling Sunset – I hate to admit it, but sometimes I just need a mindless silly reality show. This show follows the real estate agents from the Los Angeles Oppenheim Group. The Oppenheim brothers are the founders of the brokerage and they instill the help of very done up model like women to help sell very expensive million dollar homes to the rich. It’s a flashy very L.A like show with all the drama to serve as a great 2020 distraction.

Hubie Halloween – Rated pg-13 this makes for a great Halloween movie for those with older children. A comedy horror movie perfectly timed for Halloween.  With all star cast that includes Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen and more, I say this is definitely a must watch! Follow along as Hubie tries to save his beloved town on Halloween.

Indian Matchmaking – Loved this show! It is well known that in the India culture, a matchmaker is often used to best help ideally partner two individuals. This heart warming dating show is an inside look to one of India’s most sought out matchmakers, Sima Taparia. Follow along as she tries to connect Indian Americans with who she believes could be their best match!

Home Edit – As many of my readers now know, our family has recently purchased our second home. I have been so inspired by the gals of The Home Edit on how to best organize my new home. Expert home organizers and the founders of The Home Edit, Clea and Joanna, take you long with their team to be help their high profile clients. From Reese Witherspoon’s closet to Khloe Kardashians bedroom, these girls know how to edit any space for optimal function!

The Haunting Of Bly Manor – ‘Tis the season. October rolls in and all of sudden the horror movies  and shows are on repeat! This Netflix original series is currently the number 1 trending show on Netflix in the country! Viewers will follow along a young governess as she cares for two young children in a home that is very much haunted. This supernatural horror series is the best binge for all those horror movie lovers who enjoy a spook.

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14 thoughts on “Netflix Fall Must Watch List”

  1. Learning about how marriages are arranged in India sounds interesting. I like learning about other countries’ customs.

  2. These list of movies will definitely get the family on the big screen at home. Every movies, I may say is great and with their respective genre. What I loved from the list is the “Enola Holmes”, it’s a great movie with an awesome twist.

  3. We’ve watched Enola Holmes and it was Spectacular!
    Emily in Paris is our second one, if we go from your list.
    So many shoes that are simply amazing.
    We’re watching now Anne with an E. It is based on Anne of Green Gables. The performances and the plot are magical.

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