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What’s New on Netflix This Month

Is anyone else out of things to watch? No worries, I did a deep dive and found some brand new things that are being released on Netflix this month! We have a variety of shows and movies that are both old and new– but all are new releases on the streaming service. And of course, we have options for both kids and adults! From original films to a Netflix comedy special to Netflix anime to brand new series, I’ve found a full list of the great stuff! We could all use an escape from reality and these are some fantastic options. If you have a day off, why not watch a new Netflix film?

Here are 13 things to watch on Netflix this month!

Super Giant Robot Brothers

This is for your kids! It’s a brand new animated show that has 10 episodes at about 27 minutes each, so I’m sure your kids will watch it quickly! But seriously, it’s so entertaining that we would rewatch it. It’s all about 2 robot brothers who have to save planet Earth from evil! So if your kids like superheros and robots, this is perfect for them. It’s part of the Netflix originals. These nice guys are an iron legend.

Big Tree City

Another fantastic kids show is newly released! It’s similar to the first show, in the sense that a town is being protected. I love that these shows are all about keeping this world safe! This particular one is about animals who drive super fast cars and use their special skills to solve the issues the town faces.

Top Gear

Seasons 29-30 are now on Netflix! It’s a show that tests if cars can actually live up to the claims manufacturers make, which is super interesting. The guys travel all over the world, too! They do a ton of cool stunts to test the cars, so it’s pretty action packed! Of all the tv shows to watch, I’d say this one brings high heat with these car masters.

Polly Pocket

Who else remembers Polly Pocket?! The iconic rubber clothes will never be forgotten. If you have kids that know about this doll, they would love the animated series on Netflix! New episodes for this original series dropped this month and it’s all about Polly, who is determined to do what she sets her mind to, no matter how small she is. Which is a great lesson, our children are capable of anything they put their minds to.

Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99

We all know the Woodstock Festival that was 1999. This 2022 Netflix documentary explores what went on there and why it was unsuccessful. For those of you who are loving documentaries this year, this is a must-watch! And if you’re interested in the subject of Woodstock, this is super interesting.

Deepa and Anoop

Created by a Bollywood animator, this new children’s show is full of music and adventures! Deepa is from a multigenerational family who runs a bed and breakfast. With the help of her friend Aneep, a bright and color changing baby elephant, she solves daily problems. This is a fantastic new kids show that represents Indian heritage and does it in a fun, musical way. The show features almost 20 songs and dances, most of which are presented in a Bollywood style.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Does anyone else’s kids like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?! Well, I’m excited to let you know that this is one of the new movies out! The turtles are back and ready to protect the planet again. Someone comes from the future to warn them of an invasion– from outer space! Can they stop the dangerous force from another galaxy? Best friends coming together to save the world makes for some of the best movies!


Tom Holland fans- this one is for you! I mean, who isn’t a fan, though?! Mark Wahlberg also stars in this film, so the cast really is fantastic. A treasure hunter enlists the help of a street-smart guy to find a 500 year old lost fortune. They have to travel the world and beat the antagonist to the treasure. But can they make it in time?


The 2014 film is now on the streaming service! With cast members such as John Cusak, it’s a must-see! A couple have recently adopted a daughter, but what happens when she goes missing? They must risk their lives on a dangerous adventure in this thriller to discover the truth. It went from the big screen to the small screen so we could now watch it whenever we’d like!

Indian Matchmaking

Season 2 is here! If you haven’t seen the first season, it’s all about Mumbai’s famous Indian Matchmaker, who takes decades of tradition and experiences to help single people find love. I love these kinds of shows! It’s one of the more heart-felt dating shows out there, as it’s more of a true story than scripted plot.

Instant Dream Home

Who likes watching shows about home improvement? This one is addicting! I feel like everyone has a dream home makeover they think about. In this show, families get their homes redone in 12 hours! How wild is that?! It’s so entertaining to see the designers capture the essence of a family so quickly and recreate it in their home. It’s a great team, too!

13: The Musical

If you’re unfamiliar with Jason Robert Brown’s musical, it’s all about a boy who moves from New York City to a small town in Indiana when he is about to turn 13. He now has to have his Bar Mitzvah in a completely new town and make brand new friends, but he’s having a hard time adjusting, especially with the troubles of puberty. This hilarious musical was remade for Netflix and it’s a must-watch! Also, Josh Peck is in it!


This brand limited series is about identical twins who have secretly switched places for years, but suddenly one of them goes missing. It’s up to the other twin to figure out what happened in this mystery. If you like a good mystery, this is the one for you to watch!

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