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Binge Worthy TV Shows To Watch In 2020

Whether you watch a little tv everyday or binge watch once a month, networks are dishing out great shows with great stories. Between my three kids, my business, my friends, and my family, I’m so busy I don’t always have time to watch a little everyday. TV can be such a relaxing way to decompress and get lost in another world. Networks these days are creating so many great story lines and characters its hard not to meet someone who is so passionate about their personal favorites. I’ve gathered some top shows totally worthy of a binge watching day!


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. -Originally aired in 2017 this comedic drama has quickly become a household favorite across the world. The story of a young stay at home mom in the late 1950’s who discovers she is meant for stand up comedy. Now on its 3rd season this fun show is definitely a must.

The Affair. -Though this show has technically wrapped after 5 super cliff hanging seasons, its worth every minute of your time. The story gives insight to extramarital affairs in many two part episodes. Hence all the cliff hanging episodes and seasons! The emotional highs and lows told by the different characters perspectives leaves all viewers asking for more!

Mrs. Fletcher. -This series is one of the most recently premiered on my list but is quickly getting tons of attention. Eve is a divorcee with a son leaving for college and she’s ready for a new found self. Through a bit of a mid-life crisis she reawakens her sex life and what it means for her future!

You. -This psychological thriller has everyone talking! Streaming on Netflix as one of their top rated shows, You is the suspenseful show you didn’t know you needed. The show follows its main character Joe as he becomes infatuated with Guinevere. He quickly becomes obsessed and has to track her every move. I cant share too much without giving it away but this is definitely a must watch show!

Call My Agent. -People are calling this international show one of their all time favorite musts! This French Farce takes place at a busy and very dramatic casting agency. Characters do their best to not let all the drama effect their relationships with their actors and directors. This show will have you laughing the entire time, it will make binging through its 3 season easy!

Dead To Me. – Christina Applegate is back and we’re all loving it! As we follow along the story of two women who bond in group therapy we qucikly realize not everything is at it seems. A show with tons of twist and turns, you’ll be flipping through episode trying to get to the answers of how it all ends. We’re all patiently waiting for season 2!

Chernobyl. -We all know the horrific story of Chernobyl. One of the worst devastations to happen in history that continues to effect its area. This mini series gives us an insight to the true horror the people of Chernobyl went through and experienced. A grim but compelling story based on real life events.

Fleabag. – This British comedy is at the top of Obama’s binge worthy shows and thats good enough for me! Another fun fact is that the creator and director also stars as the main character! The show follows a confused and angry young woman living in London as she runs a guinea pig themed cafe. Haha!

The Morning Show. – Staring Jen Aniston & Reese Witherspoon this show is a must! After news anchor Mitch Kessler ( Steve Carell) is fired after a  sexual misconduct scandal, Alex ( Jen Aniston) fights to keep her position as top reporter. Its an amazing show with a fantastic award winning cast.

Schitt’s Creek. – Oh this one is so good! Definitely one of my favorites. After the Rose family loses their million dollar business, they’re forced to go from riches to rags. Viewers follow along this comedy series as the Roses adjust to their new town while living in its motel! Haha! Its so funny and such an easy watch!

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22 thoughts on “Binge Worthy TV Shows To Watch In 2020”

  1. I couldn’t get into Mrs Maisel but I heard once you get past the first few it gets really good. I should give it another try. I really want to watch The Morning Show and Schitt’s Creek is the best! I love undwinding to that one. Oh and Dead to Me needs to hurry up and release season 2!

  2. Thanks for recommending..! There are so much shows to binge to but it’s nice to hear from others whats great to watch.

  3. Sad that not all of these shows are available in here. I checked and only 3 are are available. You series in on my list!

  4. You have three shows I am slowly and interchangeably watching, You, Fleabag (so I can get to the Hot Priest episodes) and Mrs. Maisel. I keep hearing how Schitt’s creek is so hilarious. Chernobyl and The Affair did nothing for me a few episodes in. And the rest I will have to look into. That said, there is so much content now it’s hard to keep up.

  5. Among the list, we only saw YOU and Dead to Me, and we’re so looking forward to watching seasons 3 and 2 respectively. I will have to check the others.

  6. I have watched many of these shows and enjoyed them. I really want to watch The Morning Show, but I think it is only on Apple tv which I don’t have.

  7. I don’t typically watch a ton of TV. The last series that I actually watched was Yummy Mummy’s about a year ago. It was a reality show about some very wealthy ladies in the UK who were having babies. They wanted extravagant items and one girl even threw away an outfit because her daughter pooped or vomited on it.

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