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Back to School Fashion That’s So Much Fun With Joules

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Back to school fashion is once again on the radar in our home. The beginning of school is on the horizon, and both of my daughters are eagerly awaiting the chance to see some of their friends who they haven’t been able to spend time with over the summer. They actually enjoy school, as well, so they’re eager to get back into class. Not surprisingly, they’re also incredibly excited to get their back to school fashion lineup in order.

Back to School Fashion That's So Much Fun With Joules

Our first day of school starts after Labor Day, so we’re already in the process of buying every school supply on our kids’ list, as well as new shoes, backpacks, and outfits. So is every other family in NYC. It’s a madhouse, you guys. However, we beat the rush somewhat by partnering with Joules to help my daughters and I build their back to school fashion looks. We were sent backpacks, sneakers, and two outfits of our choice, and we could not be happier. The pieces we picked already have both of my daughters eager to show off their looks when they step back into their school buildings, and I can already see the looks of confidence on their faces.

girl modeling back to school fashion by Joules

Back to School Fashion with Joules

Joules has been one of my favorite fashion go-to’s for everyone in our family. This 30-year-old fashion company is focused squarely on fashion that’s also fun. In fact, it got its start because Tom Joule recognized that while Brits themselves might be bright and colorful, their clothes usually weren’t. He set out to change that by focusing on bright, bold designs that brought the fun back to fashion throughout England, and now, throughout the world.

back to school fashion outfits and backpacks by Joules

Siella chose a Vickie Denim Skirt and Tiana Pink Shootin Star sweatshirt, while Gemma chose a Pep Peplum Skort and Tiana Pink Horse sweatshirt. Siella’s Vickie Denim Skirt is a classic look for back to school fashion. Its a-line cut and classic stitching bring back memories of denim skirts when I was a kid. It features an adjustable waistband for added fit comfort as well. Her Tiana Pink Shooting Star sweatshirt is also a big hit with her. It has adorable frill accents on the sleeves and a shimmery, metallic star on the left front. Combine the star with the pink color, and it’s a statement piece, for sure.

Gemma is in love with her Pep Peplum Skort. This skort offers the cuteness of a skirt and the modesty of shorts, which is important at her age. It features an elastic waist for comfort, a ruffled skirt edge for cuteness, and an adorable pink and green floral print on a background of navy blue. Her Tiana Pink Horse sweatshirt is nothing but pure fun. It features a shimmery unicorn on a pink sweatshirt with ruffle accent on each sleeve.

Finally, my daughters chose the same sneakers in different colors to finish off their back to school fashion looks. Solena Cupsole sneakers come in navy, lilac star, and sky blue color options. These sneakers are equal parts cute and sassy, with a big star on the heel and star print along the toe of the shoe. Adding to the star vibe is a sole that features little white dots designed to represent the stars that we see in the sky.

In my opinion, school accessories can be fashion accessories in addition to learning tools, and these two backpacks are just that. My daughter, Siella, chose the Easton Star Backpack. It’s incredibly adorable. With a pastel, almost watercolor-looking floral print motif and thin, horizontal black stripes on a creamy white background, this backpack brings tons of color and charm to what can otherwise be a very boring school item. In addition to being super cute, its rubber material makes it incredibly easy to clean, which is important for backpacks.

Next is the Easton Star Backpack. Gemma loved this one because of its dark blue body featuring white stars which pairs with pink handles, zippers, and mesh water bottle bag on the side. It’s a bag that’s all about the dreams of tomorrow and the magic of today. It also comes in Navy Ditsy Floral, which features a brightly-colored floral print on a navy background.

Back to school fashion is important to my girls and to me. When they wear outfits that make them feel good on the outside, it makes them feel good on the inside, as well. Both Gemma and Siella were incredibly excited to choose their individual back to school looks, and I have to say that Joules really delivered on what we were looking for.

To start putting your back to school fashion looks together, visit the Joules website and their new Instagram! And don’t forget to use the code: SITCBTS to get 25% off full-priced items throughout the store.


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  1. They must be super excited to head back to school with these new outfits. The backpacks they picked out were great!

  2. The girls look so adorable and have a slight 80’s vibe going that I LOVE!! Those are adorable shoes too–love the complete look!!

  3. I really like the clothing and backpacks. My daughters would love to shop there too. They love fashionable clothing like this.

  4. This is a good way of getting back to school. They look pretty confident with what they are wearing. They are both gorgeous.

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