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10 End Of Summer Books for Moms

I’m headed out of town soon for a whole two weeks. I haven’t taken such a long vacation since the kids were born. So you can imagine I have romanticized a clear image of relaxing poolside with a beverage and a great book. But we all know I probably have a better chance of just reading on the plane there and back. As I was searching for some amazing vacation options I found more than plenty that sparked my eye this month. Here are my top 10 end of summer books I cant wait to open and get lost with while away.

This book questions what really is womanhood, parenthood, our lifes purpose, and who its all for. A great read for the woman tying to find her voice and identity in the loud noise of what society pressures us to be.
The perfect book for the non-reader. This collection of essays cover todays world issues right down to our fascination with reality tv. Every essay is so perfectly written you’ll be reaching for her other books.

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The story of two very different young women born into privilege circa Detroit ’50. As the Vietnam war and the hippie era unfold so do their lives into everything they didn’t expect for themselves or each other. This book will leave you asking yourself how much do you influence the world and how much does it influence you?
The story of a young woman with western beliefs on love who’s born to tradition indian parents. Ultimately she’s left feeling very pressured for time. She wants to fall in love before getting married and not the other way around. Will she have enough time to do it her way, or will she have to follow in her parents footsteps?
This read will have you time traveling to the 1940’s in the Bahamas. Royal privilege, homicide, espionage, romance, suspense, this book has it all. This story will have you at the edge of your seat all while craving a mojito.
Could you imagine taking a family trip for your mothers 70th with your entire family on a cruise? Annette just wants a nice vacation with her whole family for her special milestone, and she wants them all to be on their best behavior. But whats family without sibling rivalry, family secrets, arguments, etc? Hehe!
After the ultimate betrayal on her wedding day, Lena leaves her hometown and decides she’s starting over in NYC. After years of not returning home and finding great success in her new city, Lena is force to go home to confront her family and the life she left behind.
Zadie and Emma have been best-friends since their early twenties. They have navigated romance, med-school, families , etc….all side by side. But when an old colleague reveals a past secret one might have been hiding all these years, their friendship is turned upside down.
In times of heartbreak or soul searching I love to lean on poetry to find the certain beauty in things I might be missing. This collection of poems is another reminder of how powerful and healing this art form can be.
Moms! Big Families! Tired people! Im looking at all of you with this book reccomendation. This is the ultimate dinner helper. No household should go without these recipes.

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16 thoughts on “10 End Of Summer Books for Moms”

  1. I will have to check these out. I miss reading and need to start again every evening. I could use some new books!

  2. I love that you are sharing some top picks. I am almost done reading my novel and will need some more books to read. Thank you.

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I recently bought an Instant Pot and I have been saving recipes I see online. However, a book of recipes would be so much better. I am getting the book!

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