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The Coolest Back to School Shoes

With back to school season beginning, we have some shopping to do! And one thing my kids love to shop for is shoes! School shopping can sometimes be stressful, especially when you have to make sure you get the supplies you need. But getting the top picks of the best shoes for everyday wear and more importantly, the first day of school, is something special. My kids’ shoes are how they express themselves and I think so much confidence can come from new shoes for the whole family. We want to start the year off right and fresh, so we’re heading to the store to do some shopping! But what kinds of shoes are we looking for? Moreover, I’ll explain all of that and give you my kids’ top picks for the new school year!


The latest trends are not only some of the best shoes, but they really are so cute. I love that the classic look of the all white shoes or neutral color pairs of shoes is in style. Not only are they a timeless look, but they are so versatile and such a closet staple. But kids shoes for the school year don’t all have to be just the best sneakers. You can choose from a wide variety of shoes, such as mary janes, combat boots, rain boots, sandals if you’re in a warmer climate, etc. The top brands we have been loving this season are New Balance, Nike Air Max and Air Force, Converse, Dr. Martens and Adidas Superstar.


These are shoes that our kids will be wearing every day, so of course, I tend to lean more toward boots or tennis shoes over classic clogs, as they can be easier to slip in. A cushioned footbed, cushioned midsole, lightweight comfort, rubber outsole and breathable upper layer are essential for all day comfort. It’s essential to make sure they are shoes that the kids can not only last in all day, but for after school activities, as well.

Gym Shoes

Finally, gym class is a huge part of school. Athletic shoes are on all of our lists and it’s even better if the shoes can be worn all throughout the day, but having separate gym shoes totally works, too! The most important thing is that they are the right size. I know that sounds obvious, but kids feet grow quickly, so sizing up a half a size is generally a safe option. You don’t want to have to replace them halfway through the year and usually athletic shoes run a bit small, so this should help!

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Not all back to school shoes have to be gym shoes. I think these are a fun option and my girls actually have these and love them!
Nike Air Force 1’s are an incredibly popular shoe. I like that they are casual and go with everything!
I’m telling you, these shoes never go out of style! I love the color and they are a really fun way for your kids to express themselves via fashion!
Vejas are always a great option! I think this particular style is also a good choice for any kids who don’t like laces or maybe haven’t learned how to tie shoes yet.
I love a good metallic or holographic tone to shoes! This is the twist on the traditonal superstars and they are so cute!
You can never go wrong with converse! They are a classic and versatile choice.
If you’re on TikTok, you know these are the hot shoes of the season! They’re unisex sizing and have a few color options. Run to get them, though, because they go quickly!
It’s always a good time stock up on rain boots! This brand is my favorite for rain boots and they come in so many colors.
These are a great back to school shoe because not only are they comfortable, but they are so on trend! You can snag these in a few different colors.
Another great classic option is vans! These are great because they’re easy to slip on and never go out of style.
These are a great pair of sneakers! And they’re currently on sale for a great price!
This is a great shoe for kids who don’t know how to tie laces. There are a few color options, as well!
GG’s are always a fun shoe to have! These one’s in particular have beads and metallic features.
Another great classic sneaker are Superga! There are a ton of color options and they go with everything!
This brand is actually owned by UGG! They’re so comfy, offer tons of styles and the price-point is great!

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11 thoughts on “The Coolest Back to School Shoes”

  1. Our kiddos have to wear closed-toed shoes to school every day. Between PE twice per week and recess every day, they are so hard on shoes! My boys get to pick their shoes and lately they always have Minecraft design or colors.

  2. So many cute styles and colors! It’s always so exciting to get some new looks for the new school season. That was the only part I looked forward to haha

  3. When I was at school we weren’t allowed to wear trainers or nice things like you’ve got here. Ours had to be boring black leather shoes, but I’d have much prefered some of these options x

  4. These are some nice pair of shoes. These are all so stylish and looks cute. I really like the variety of these shoes.

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