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14 Sunglasses You Need This Summer

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is not easy. You’ll want a style that compliments your face shape and fits well with the size of your features. There are a few eye wear sites that will help you determine what shape and size of lens works best for you, simply by uploading a photo of yourself. One of the sites with the best face shape guide is Ray-Ban. I’ve pulled together a list of 14 of the best sunglasses you need this summer.

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I love the bright pink shade for summer! This is a great shape for those with a heart shaped face, as the frame is similar in shape to the face, being wider at the top and narrowing at the bottom.
These are perfect for someone who has a square shaped face because round glasses will help to soften your face shape. This pair is stunning and screams summer!
Everyone with a round shaped face– these are perfect for you! Focusing on angles on frames will give a round shape more definiton.
These are a classic pair that is perfect for everyday wear. You can really never go wrong with Ray-Bans!
A great tan and bright white sunglasses are the epitome of summertime! A cateye frame would compliment those with a round or oval shape very well.
This is a fun twist on the traditional aviator shape, these are more structured. They would be very flattering on a heart shaped or oval shaped face.
How fun are these?! They’re a wearable trendy pair that will go with anything in your closet. Wear them to the beach or out to lunch! A great option for rounder face shapes.
Square and oval shaped faces, these are for you! I love the purple tone and oversized round lens.
Another trendy cateye pair! These are more of an oversized frame and can be dressed up or down.
Another adorable pair for heart shaped faces! The price point is great on these and they’re amazing quality.
These are the perfect everyday sunglasses. They are incredibly versatile and amazing quality for the price.
These are so trendy and fun! You can’t beat the price. They would look great on an oval or round face shape.
I am loving the quartz frames for summer. They add dimension to the shades and are so unique! These are at a great price point, as well.
Finishing with a great, practical pair, these are perfect not just for summer, but year round! They’re incredibly versatile, flattering and offer great sun protection.

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